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Kelly Snavely


Master Agile Coach, Capitalone Financial

Location: Richmond, VA


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Richmond


Kelly is passionate about helping teams discover how to maximize the value they get from applying Agile principles.  She is a pragmatist who excels at applying Agile in ways that work in current environment while working to change the environment to support greater agility.  Kelly is also an experienced trainer. She enjoys developing and facilitating experiential learning and seeing students light up with “Ah ha moments.”  Kelly is a great communicator and works well at all levels of organizations.

  • 25+ years’ experience in software engineering, project and program management, data warehousing, and process definition and improvement.
  • Past experience includes software developer, team lead, process manager, Scrum Master and Agile coach.
  • Certified Scrum Master, Certified SAFe Scaled Agilest, SAFe Program Consultant.
  • Experienced Agile coach and change agent
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Bachelor degree in Information Systems & Economics, Masters in Business Administration

Work experience

Capital One, Scrum Coach
January 2014 - Present, Richmond, Virginia, United States
As an internal Agile coach at COF - helping scale agile leveraging SAFe and agile principles. (1) worked with a small coaching team to advance the first agile release train leveraging agile engineering practices. I was focused on building team practice capabilities leveraging scrum values while engineering coaches helped teams adopt engineering practices. This was a pilot to help with holistic agaile adoption. (2) As my department wanted to leverage SAFe to scale - helped stand up two agile release trains. Trained the teams in Scrum and scale as well as coached release train engineer in getting the Agile Release train off the ground (3) Developed the strategy to leverage external coaches and coach the ecosystem of an agile release train. Hired and cultivating the coaching engagements while actively coaching on a coaching team. Current Focus is coaching leadership in the adoption of agile and the mind shift change needed to support a culture of agile (4) Developed and rolling out programs to advance scrum masters and release train engineers in optimizing their teams and agile releas trains vs operating in an agile environment. This includes Scrum Master coaching cirles and lean training for the Release train engineers

Capital ONe, Sr. Scrum Master
September 2012 - January 2014, Richmond, VA, United States
Scrum master for multiple a key online servicing team at COF and then helped start-up muliple teams waiting for the scrum master to be hired/aligned with the team (1) Scrum Master for Card Online Servicing team challenged with bringing in a proof of concept for the ability to upload documents to support fraud processes - facilitated team reset and coached the team into understanding what it means to be high performing - high visilibity project required the team to think outside the box and deliver in a more agile way starting with a POC in 30 days and then a pilot in 60 days including infrastructure and the a plan for a more robust rollout. Other teams were needed for the success and I provided a light weaght scale frame work to align teams to the overall goal (2) As I was transitioning to the coach role - helped stand up teams that didn't have a scrum master. - A system team for a large program. Coached the new product owner in her role and faclitated the team formation through the storming phase to real working agreemetns (how to deal with conflict and deal with issues) before transitioning to the long term scrum master (2)


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