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Kazutaka Sankai


Executive Consultant, OGIS-RI Co.,Ltd.

Location: Osaka, Japan


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Kazutaka Sankai is a consultant for software development and business process from Japan. Because his activities were in wide region, so he has many aspects like below.

  • As an agile coach

As an agile coach, he assisted many projects in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.

  • As a modeler

He is a modeler with UML (Unified Modeling Language), and is level 4 Modeler ( highest level certified by UMTP-Japan ).

  • As an IT architect

He is also one of principal architects of OGIS Research Institute. He contributed in many projects as a lead architect, and he also made some education courses for beginner of architect in his company. 

  • ‚ÄčAs a Kaizen mentor

Through a decade of work with Toyota Moters, He learned Toyota's Kaizen deeply. In 2013, He started new program called 'Agile Kaizen Juku' in his company. This is a Juku ( coaching school ) for leaders in every departments, and it created obvious improvements in productivity, lead time, quality. 

Now he can provide many kinds of assists with his various knowledge and experience about Agile, Lean, Toyota way.


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