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Kai-Uwe Rupp


Managing Partner, Anapasoft AG

Location: Baden, Switzerland



Kai-Uwe Rupp

I work as an agile business transformation and Product Development consultant and I am one of the owners of Anapasoft AG, Baden CH.

Since my graduation as a Dipl.-Inform. from University of Karlsruhe (TH) in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1994, I more or less always worked in IS/SW projects at large, international enterprises in the telecommunication, automotive and energy industries - in Germany, UK, United States and Switzerland. I started as an embedded SW engineer, moved into systems engineering and project management later and work as a consultant since Oktober 2005.

The main part of my experience with IS/SW projects and project management stems from projects with internationally distributed, multi-cultural teams. In the 90th at Alcatel-SEL in Stuttgart, Germany and later at Corvis Corp, Columbia MD, USA I already worked in partially agile teams, at a time when terms like "agile" or "Scrum" were widely unknown or at least not popular in the telecommunications industry. 

My focus and main area of interest since 2011 is "agile business transformation, introducing agile principles and practices in traditional (non-agile) organizations and gaining experience as a Scrum / LeSS Coach.


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