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Kadri Pirn


Customer IS IT development department manager, Eesti Energia

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



My name is Kadri Pirn. I am Estonian who lives in capital of Estonia - Tallinn.

I finished my university with Bachelor degree on 2002. I got Computer Science Bachelor degree from Tartu University.

I have worked hands-on with scrum from 2009, after Mitch Lacey's course of Certified Scrum Master. I directed also our scrummasters to Certified Scrum Master course and after that our visions of Scrum aligned significally more. I acted as product owner, doing same time analyst tasks for finding project scope and trying to be translater between business owner and scrum team. Our project changed in years between 2008-2010 telecom company customer care and billing system to the same as our mother-company one part was using. There where very limited amount of people involved with the project from Estonia side. Business owner had their every day jobs and couldn't invest time to new project. The believe into project was pretty low. In start of 2009 we introduced first part of the solution for business and 10% of customers (unfortuanetly the easiest part of the customer base) started to "live" in new systems. In start of 2010 all customers where migrated to new systems.

From August 2010 I am working for Eesti Energia (Estonian Energy). Our company is state owned. It is everything about energy - producing electricity and oil, providing electricy for end users, trading of electricity in electricity market. I am department manager of Customer Infosystems development. We are developing with co-operation with our business department and outsourced developers Customer Care and Billing systems, www, self service and some smaller systems. Our front-end development has transformed to scrum for 1 year now. Other systems are either POS or totally outsourced. My dream is to have one team, who is agile and our development is fast enough for managing requirements what business have for entering open market with households on 2013. To coach people to be more open-minded, agile, transparent and mostly - co-operative with eachother. I hope to gain trust from my supervisors and other departments. I hope we will have very good team spirit and we will show to the world, that also utility companies can be agile and be world-class customer-experience company (although we don't need it for keeping our jobs or company). I strongly believe that very big part of our company is willing to change thinking, that "utility companies are slow and very conservative and laisy".

I have 2 kids - one girl and one boy. My time after work is busy with laughter and play with them. I also like to sing in choir and more. For sports I like real nature hiking and orientating.

I attended ScrumAlliance Gathering Amsterdam in 15.-17.11.2010

Work experience

Eesti Energia, Department manager of Customer IS development
August 2010 - Present, Tallinn, Harju, Estonia

My role is to make and lead a team of 13 people, who are distributed and who mostly co-operate with outsourced developers. When I entered to the process, there where 2 teams + several individuals, who where compeeting to eachother about scope, time and resource. My aim is to make one big team/family, who likes to work together and gain from this agile and dynamical development in the meen of resource, scope and prioritises.

Elisa Estonia, Project manager/analyst
October 2003 - August 2010, Tallinn, Harju, Estonia

From 2008 autumn I acted as product owner and project manager in the same person. I had 2 different teams, who where working for different companies. One team, from Elisa Finland, was getting very good results, another suffered cause of different problems, but still gained good results.


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