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Kermit Morse


Business Systems Analyst, ICC

Location: Columbus, Oh


Certified ScrumMaster



Kermit Morse, III Was introduced to Scrum/Agile in 2005. I was initially skeptical as for the previous 20 plus years had worked at a major bank (BankOne/Chase) that only used waterfall. In fact, when I joined Progressive Medical (PMI) they were also a waterfall shop. I believed that Agile was only a “fad” would fade away in time. The Agile transformation organization that PMI hired eventually stood up 3 teams. I was on the second team to undergo transformation. As the lead Business Analyst for the team, I was trained on creating stories, compiling metrics, and learning the ceremonies (stand ups, retros, etc.) of the team. The 1st agile team needed additional Bas so I was moved to that team. Did more of BA work then when it was time to start a new feature, I was selected to be the Scrum Master on that feature. It was during this phase where my skepticism began to wane and I became an Agile enthusiast. After we completed the feature, before we could move on to the next feature, the company sold and the purchasing company rejected Scrum and Agile and returned the company to waterfall. That’s when I joined 2Checkout which was in the need of a BA that had Agile experience to help them complete their Agile Transformation. I initially worked with another After a new manager was hired and given the directive from above to scale back Agile, I searched out and found a position at RelayHealth. The one aspect that I hadn’t had was in the Product Owner space. This position afforded me the opportunity to do that. Recently an opportunity was presented to me to join Information control company (ICC) as a consultant to work with a financial services company in Dublin Ohio. Have attended every Path to Agility Conference (held in Columbus) except for one. The speakers and workshops have been instrumental in helping me enhance my skills and knowledge. For example, one year, my team was contemplating changing from a scrum to Kanban approach. At that year’s Path there were several workshops that dealt with project management using Kanban. Using that knowledge enabled our team to successful utilize Kanban for our maintenance stories.

Work experience

Information Control Company (ICC), Business Systems Analyst, Agile Coach
October 2016 - Present, , United States
Business Systems Analyst, Agile Coach, Scrum Master

RelayHealth, Business Systems Analyst
April 2014 - October 2016, Columbus, OH
Member of a team serving as Scrum Master, Iteration Manager, and Tester.

2Checkout, Business Analyst
July 2012 - November 2013, Hilliard, Ohio
Business Analyst in an Agile environment

Progressive Medical, Business Analyst
March 2008 - July 2012, Westerville, Ohio
Business Analyst on several project teams


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