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Keith McMillen


Sr. Developer, Unique Communications Solutions

Location: Henderson, NV


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Las Vegas Users Group


Keith McMillen took a computer programming class the University of Illinois, Chicago,  because I thought it might be fun.  As a voracious reader of science fiction computers had a strong appeal.  That was in 1967.  I didn't complete my journey to the digital world (or the dark side as some might argue) completely until about 1975, but then my fate was sealed.  I've been designing, creating, improving software or consulting users about software issues ever since. 


I spent time in the medical insurance/HMO arena, technical training, education, news delivery, early pre-internet community projects, retail sales, embedded controls and probably others I can't remember.


Every 10 years, I've managed to reinvent my knowledge base and career as the field shifted and new tools and languages came along.  20 years ago I thought CASE tools would be the salvation of software creation.  I could never get a tools set that would do anything more than simple CRUD tools on a two table database.  OO did deliver some advantages to linear coding but I was still stuck with the heavy up-front requirements issues that seemed to be the "way it must be done".


Now I see a better, more productive way using SCRUM to deliver good, clean software.  I'm anxious to start applying my training to help my company move ahead with speed and quality.


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