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Kiran Kanchan


Enterprise Agile Coach, Spark New Zealand

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


A highly skilled Agile and Project Management Office (PMO) professional with more than 11 years of enterprise level experience in defining IT organisation methods, policies and standards, providing IT quality assurance services against the defined standards, conducting and managing internal process audits, leading continuous improvement initiatives through Lean-Six Sigma methodologies and carrying out organisation level agile transformation programmes.

Major Career Highlights:

1) Enterprise Agile Coaching and Transformation for an organisation of 2500+ IT staff.  Transitioning programmes and teams to work adopting the agile principles and values

2) Coaching and mentoring 40+ teams on transitioning from the traditional way of working to a new Agile/Devops ways of working

3) Transforming the Business Support functions such as Sales and Commercial teams to work with Agile principles thereby improving efficiencies in the sales bid processes

4) Conducted Agile training sessions for more than 750+ staff (since Feb 2015)

5) Setup Metrics, QA and Audit framework for an organisaiton aligned with the Project Delivery Framework

6) Participated and driven various organisational improvement initiatives and certification journey (ISO, CMMI)

7) Executed and coached teams on Lean and Six Sigma processes.

Work experience

Spark New Zealand, Enterprise Agile Coach
July 2013 - Present, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Coach teams across the organisation to adopt agile practices at a project level and scale it to the programme & portfolio Simplified and standardised approach for project delivery by setting up an improved operating model definition across the organisation  Setting up Organisation Metrics Framework and thereby design the performance dashboards to monitor delivery effectiveness in the new ways of working  Successful implementation of MS Project Online tool using Agile SCRUM methodology.  Setup the software configuration management practice within the re-engineering programme, to effectively manage and track software CIs from development through to deployment  Coach network based projects to successfully adopt agile practices First time set up of the Quality Assurance function in the organisation to track delivery assurance Moving the organisation from status reporting to performance dashboard reporting thereby moving towards KPI based delivery  Improve the IT compliance and assurance of the projects from 55% to 92% in a span of 4 months through extensive coaching, mentoring and training

Infosys Ltd., Senior Consultant (Agile Consultant)
April 2010 - June 2013, Pune, Bangalore, Sydney, Auckland, Maharashtra, IN
Agile Consulting 1) Interact with the stakeholders to understand the existing project activities 2) Perform gap analysis for the As-Is and To-Be Process for the agile project lifecycle 3) Contribute to the creation of various project deliverables for delivering the projects using agile methodologies in a Managed Services mode 4) Process Documentation 5) Creation and review of any relevant templates, checklist, guidelines and other related artefacts 6) Assist in rollout of all the defined agile processes 7) Create Training material for enablement of the project teams 8) Interact with the stakeholders (clients and vendors) and conduct workshops for process discussion Agile Framework Definition 1) Defining the framework and processes for agile project management (Release and Sprint level estimation, planning, sprint level tracking using sprint reviews and retrospectives). 2) Creation of templates and checklists for agile scrum methodology.(Product backlog, sprint backlog, sprint review and retrospective, process compliance checklists, status report and dashboards) 3) Defining the Transition approach for an organization to transition from the traditional development methodologies to agile practices 4) People enablement and knowledge management for the solution 5) Definition of Agile Metrics Framework 6) Developing necessary templates for capturing the Agile metrics

Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd., Senior Consultant
November 2006 - April 2010, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN
1) Work as a Software Quality Advisor and Agile Consultant (Senior Consultant) to provide consultancy to Custom Service Delivery, Technical Solution Packages, Testing and Application Maintenance Projects. 2) Work as a Configuration Manager for the QA Team 3) Lead and mentor a team of QA members for NA region providing guidance and support to them to carry on the various SQA related activities related to various SDLC frameworks involving Waterfall, Agile, Iterative, etc, 4) Lead CMMI L4 related initiatives and activities 5) Lead and independently manage Lean - Six Sigma Green Belt Project Teams 6) Coach and mentor around 16 projects for implementation of software quality processes. The nature of the project varies from a pure development project to mixed technology based ones, application maintenance and testing based using SDLC frameworks ranging from Waterfall, Iterative, RUP, Agile-SCRUM, etc. 7) Worked on external process consulting assignments 8) Direct client interactions for knowledge sharing and project related discussions 9) Assist the projects to perform the various Project Management techniques relating to the standard PMP practices and Agile Project Management practices 10) Assist the projects to perform various Software Development processes and frameworks throughout their lifecycle 11) Conduct regular Internal Quality Audits and Process Checks for the various projects. 12) Conduct Gap Analysis for the projects and provide support to overcome the gaps. 13) Conduct process and role based trainings at the organizational level. 14) Objectively evaluate the projects performance by means of various tools. 15) Involve in the organizational level transformation programmes of implementing Agile processes across projects

HSBC Software Development India Ltd., Software Engineer
June 2006 - November 2006, Pune, Maharashtra, IN
1) Work as a Process Consultant to provide consultancy to a Business unit majorly catering to Personal and Private Banking related projects. 2) Lead and manage a team of total 3 consultants to provide consultancy to about 60 projects of the Business Unit. 3) Consult to Private and Personal Banking related projects for software quality processes. 4) Conduct regular Process Audits and Process Checks for the various projects. 5) Implement CMMI Level 5 processes across the various projects in the Business Unit. 6) Conduct Gap Analysis for the projects and provide support to overcome the gaps. 7) Conduct process and role based trainings at the organizational level. 8) Prepare a high and detail design of the processes at the organizational levels by means of Service Blueprints for the respective Process Areas and identify the gaps to these processes as per the CMMI standards. 9) Participate in implementing various initiatives across projects for adhering to CMMI level 5 processes. 10) Objectively evaluate the projects performance by means of various tools.

Larsen and Toubro Infotech Ltd., Software Engineer
June 2004 - June 2006, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN
1) Worked as a full time QA Lead for a Offshore Development Centre (3 Large Scale Projects; 1 System and Integration Testing – Size 52 FTE, 1 White Box Testing – Size 50 FTE and 1 Tools development and Integration Testing Project – Size 10 FTE) 2) Worked as a Tester for a Testing Project 3) Worked as a Developer for inTango Project (Team Size : 24 FTE) 4) Lead the Quality related activities within the programme 5) Manage a team of 3 Project Quality Leads within the programme 6) Develop a process as per the testing perspective of the project and in sync with CMM level KPAs, which would be a tailored one from the existing SDLC processes 7) Conducting regular audits to track the project performance 8) Monitoring project goals and tracking the same on a timely basis 9) Timely collection of the Data and generating Metrics report for the project 10) Review and Analysis of the Metrics reports along with the Team Leads and the Project Managers to seek for improvement areas within the project 11) Optimizing the process to the fullest by ways of Automation of the various sectors related to the process 12) Continuous Process optimization and improvement 13) Motivate the team members by means of new initiatives 14) Reviewing of the test plans, estimations, scripts and the test execution reports 15) Preparing various checklists for the project as per the project needs and updating the same on a regular basis 16) Involved in developing test strategies, which can be incorporated in the test plans. 17) Developing Test Plans and Estimations 18) Developing and maintaining of Integration and System test cases based on external specifications. 19) Executing the Test cases either using the manual or automated environment. 20) Automating the test cases using client tools 21) Detecting and reporting the Defects on client manufactured products and track the same to closure 22) Involved in the requirement analysis for Email Database Adapter Module for the Device Side component 23) Develop the High Level Design and the Low Level Design for the Email Database Adapter Module 24) Developing the code for the module 25) Testing various other device side components 26) Reviewing the Test Cases for the various modules 27) Fixing the bugs detected by the testing team on the existing modules


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