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Kalle Huhtala


Director, eLearning Content Production, Tieturi Oy

Location: Helsinki, Finland


Certified ScrumMaster



Kalle Huhtala. Currently (12/2009) I am working in Tieturi Oy, the major Finnish IT training company, HQ located in Helsinki, Finland. I work primarily with eLearning content production projects as Director, eLearning Content Production. My responsibilities include running and controlling the production, supporting sales, working in customer projects as a consultant, project manager, concept designer, writer, content producer... anything but coding. In addition, I act as trainer in several Tieturi courses.


Since 2002 I have been running a weekly production planning meeting with a SCRUM/kanban-like tasklist and routines for managing the cost-effective production of eLearning content in several concurrent customer projects with teams of 2-10 people. I find SCRUM practices very similar and familiar to what we have developed. Adopting SCRUM methodology is likely to improve our work.


Some background: I studied at Helsinki University of Technology and graduated in 1998. My Master's Thesis dealt with developing hypermedia training material for a paper machine. The thesis work was done for Valmet Automation, a company that is part of Metso Corporation, a major producer of paper machines,  process automation and equipment. I worked for Metso Automation in 1995-2000 as development engineer in hypermedia training projects.


After Metso I moved to eLearning business. I was a business unit manager in TJ Group Oy running an eLearning unit. The unit was sold in 2001 to Talent Code Oy and I became its CEO for 2002-2003. The company was sold to Tieturi Oy and I continued as eLearning content production manager. In 2005 the eLearning unit was merged with R5 Vision, an LMS developer, to form Tieturi Vision, where I continued as responsible for content production. In 2007 Tieturi acquired the company.


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