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Karen Greaves


Agile Coach and Trainer, Growing Agile

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

+27 (0)78 457 7203


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Registered Education Provider

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South Africa


Karen Greaves

We spend so much of our lives at work, I believe that it is important that we have fun while we are there. At Growing Agile we work with companies to help them build better software by creating environment that enable their teams to be empowered, creative and productive.

Author of Growing Agile: A Coach's Guide to Training Scrum. 

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Continuing Education

  • Front Row Agile Online Training
  • A Whole Team Approach to Building Great Products

Work experience

Growing Agile, Agile Mentor and Trainer
January 2012 - Present, Cape Town, South Africa
Growing Agile is a partnership between myself and Sam Laing. We focus on what we enjoy most, helping teams to be successful with agile. We do mentoring, coaching, training and facilitation.

Fundamo, Software Development Manager
July 2010 - December 2011, Cape Town, South Africa
At Fundamo I worked with teams who had been doing Scrum for 2 years already, but I reminded them of some of the practices they had forgotten. I loved the energy and enthusiasm of the team members and their willingness to try anything. I got to see Scrum working well, and figure out my strengths lay in helping others be successful by coaching and mentoring them to push themselves towards excellence.

Intec, Project Manager/Project Office Manager/Scrum Coach
December 2007 - June 2010, Cape Town, South Africa
I started at Intec as a Project Manager and quickly moved into the position of Project Office Manager, where I was responsible for rolling out Scrum to the R&D team of 100 people. What I enjoyed most at Intec were the people and the willingness to try new things. In hindsight I did not have the experience at the time to be the main Scrum expert in the company. The experience was invaluable. I learned about all the things not to do when rolling out Scrum. In the end their Scrum implementation was a failure (in my view), but an important learning experience for me.

JP Morgan, Implementation Manager
June 2007 - November 2007, Cape Town, South Africa
Apparently when you leave a job in a hurry, you make bad choices :) This was my bad choice. I wanted to move away from the software industry into the financial industry thinking things could only get better. I was wrong. They were in fact far worst. I stayed for 7 months only so that I could find the right job the next time.

IBM, Project Delivery Executive
December 2006 - May 2007, Cape Town, South Africa
IBM acquired the SCS business and all staff. I went through my first big corporate buy out. I lasted 5 months. I learned how managing by spreadsheets of costs and utilization do not work, and fundamentally clash with my personal values. I am happier for having experienced this, and knowing how lucky I am not to work in an environment like this anymore.

Safmarine Computer Services, Program Manager
December 2004 - November 2006, Cape Town, South Africa
I worked as a Program Manager overseeing all software projects for Maersk Line. In this job I learned the importance of hiring good teams, delegating responsibility to them, and most importantly having fun at work!

Workshare, Programme Manager (Onsite Customer)
June 2002 - November 2004, Cape Town, South Africa
My first exposure to agile. I worked as the on site customer for an XP team, developing software for the legal industry. I learned to write user stories, acceptance tests, and to make decisions about when to release.

eCentric Switch, Software Developer
November 2000 - May 2002, Cape Town, South Africa
I worked as a developer on financial systems like debit and credit cards switching, and bank debit order systems.

Microsoft, Software Test Engineer
February 1998 - September 2000, Redmond, Washington, United States
I started my career as a software tester working on Windows 2000. Working on a product with 3000 other people, and daily builds taught me the importance of good test automation early in my career


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