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Kenneth Duffill


Scrum Enabler, Scrum Process Improvement Ltd

Location: WALLASEY, UK


Certified ScrumMaster



Kenneth Duffill has been a freelance software developer for almost thirty years. During the early years he quickly became disillusioned with the heavyweight, top-down, waterfall processes he was made to follow. Because these processes inevitably resulted in poor quality software, he thought maybe his calling might be in Software Quality Management. But this too was riddled, at the time, with heavyweight processes. All hope seemed to disappear, maybe he was doomed to a career of writing software (because that is what he is good at), taking the money and running, like so many other contractors seemed to be doing, and forget the idea of 'making a difference' or even 'enjoying your work'.

In 2002, just a year after it was published Ken chanced upon the Agile Manifesto, and hope was restored. The manifesto itself chimed so well with his own philosophy that he became an independent signatory in March/April of that year. And the twelve principles; well, they are just obvious aren't they?

Clearly not! There followed almost a decade of dissapointment as client after client refused to listen to the wisdom revealed by the Agile Movement. "Agile is just the next shiny new toy", "it is just a fad and it will never work". These were the common declarations made by big clients as they imposed ever more heavyweight processes in the search for that illusive thing called 'quality'.

Ken's first brush with Scrum came at an ACCU conference in Oxford (UK) in about 2008. Clearly based upon the agile principles, it appealed to him right away. And it was beginning to become acceptable in 'real' industy, at last. At least that is what the presenter claimed.

It was still another couple of years before Ken was lucky enough to actually work for a client who was prepared to try it, though.

After a ScrumMaster course with Gabrielle Benefield and Jeff Sutherland in May 2010 Ken became Certified ScrumMaster, and since then has worked as a member of their scrum team for two clients.

In 2012 Ken took on the role of scrum master for the first time. And in the first half of that year guided two projects through impressive progress. In May 2012 he became Certified Scrum Professional and now helps other scrum masters to guide their projects to similar success.

Work experience

Scrum Process Improvement Ltd, Scrum Enabler
December 2016 - Present, RUNCORN, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Having combined the roles of developer and ScrumMaster at several clients, I have decided to form a new company and promote myself as an experienced ScrumMaster, in the hope of being able to devote more of my work time to enabling the scrum team to more closely follow the Agile Principles and continually improve their performance through Scrum. I have invented the job title 'Scrum Enabler' to emphasise that element of the ScrumMaster's role.

Federal Signal Corporation, Software Developer
November 2015 - October 2016, Macclesfield, Cheskire, United Kingdom
Embedded Software Development using c++. Using JIRA for Backlog management and GIT for source code control. Developing a unit test suite and continuous integration environment.

Light Computing Services Ltd, Freelance Software Developer
August 1984 - October 2016, RUNCORN, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Various software developer roles including Embedded C and C++ developer C#.Net developer ASP.Net developer Scrum team member on various teams from may 2010 to December 2011 ScrumMaster on a new team since then

TE Connectivity, Embedded Software Developer/Scrum Master
August 2010 - November 2015, Bodelwyddan, North Wales, United Kingdom
Embedded Software Developer, C, C++ C# Developer for utilities and test framework Full time member of a Scrum team until December 2011 Full time ScrumMaster on a new Scrum team since then til the end of the contract (46 months)

3M, .NET Developer
January 2009 - July 2010, Oldham, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
C# .NET and ASP.NET developer Attained CSM in May 2010 Founder member of first Scrum team from May 2010

Tyco Electronics, Embedded Software Developer
October 2005 - September 2008, Bodelwyddan, North Wales, United Kingdom
Embedded Software Developer


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