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Jesper Zacho


Technical Director, Bridge IT

Location: Søborg, Denmark


Certified ScrumMaster



Jesper Zacho is Technical Director in BridgeIT. BridgeIT mainly operates in the Copenhagen area. BridgeIT mainly provides mobile solutions either through internal projects or through traditional consultancy offerings. BridgeIT consultancy offers SW development experts as well as project management professionals. As Technical Director Jesper is responsible for QA and SW development processes for all internal projects.

Jesper has a background in software development, and has a project managment education from his time in IBM Denmark. Jesper has been working as a project manager for more than 15 years.

Jesper was certified Scrum master in 2007, and certified Scrum Professional 2010. Jesper has been working with Scrum and agile processes for the last 10 years.

As a senior consultant in BridgeIT most of Jespers assignments have elements of Scrum implementation in customer organizations and/or turning troubled projects into well performing and profitable projects. 

Assignments will often include one or more of the following task:  

  • Conducting short (free) introductions to scrum
  • Scrum Master training and 'In project' coaching
  • 'In project' Scrum team training
  • Development and introduction of adapted Scrum process
  • Project startup: Identify and establish required technical setup for running Scrum (continuous integration environment)
  • Walk the talk: Drive projects according to adapted Scrum process
  • Identify and mitigate project risks and deficiencies using Scrum principles

Work experience

Team Denmark, Axiell a.o, Scrum Master
January 2012 - June 2012, Soeborg, Denmark
Customer: Novenco, Axiell, Forsikring og Penstion, Team Danmark a.o. Task: Establish common platform for efficiently executing project with great difference in size, allowing for scrum based management and daily burndown reporting. Establish and manage a number of smaller mobile solution projects from contract writing to rollout in the customer organizations. Contribution: Established a process and a supporting platform for managing scrum based projects. Using this platform all projects will produce the minimal required documentation for even very small projects. Documentation requirements will rise as the project size goes up. Established tool support for the required Continuous Integration process, wiki based documentation and project tracking. Filled the role of Scrum Master in 3-4 projects at the time over the period. Driving each project and producing tracking information to provide accurate reporting to the BridgeIT board and to the project steering groups.

Scandinavian Data Center (SDC), Project Manager
September 2011 - January 2012, Ballerup, Denmark
Task: Managing project for integrating new investment bank systems to common online and mobile banking solution. Drive the project from startup to closing contract. Contribution: Take over integration project after a bumpy ride having established a temporary integration between the two banking systems. Reestablish good client relations and trust to start the integration analysis project in productive spirits. Establish and staff project and conduct project startup including analysis and specification of the solution. Establish project economy and negotiate project terms with the client Manage and track specification project

Danish Handball Federation (DHF), Scrum Master
May 2011 - September 2011, Soeborg, Denmark
Task: Resolve and specify requirements for mobile solution. Write and negotiate contract for implementation. Launch and manage project. Contribution: I conducted a solution workshop with the relevant customer resources and specified the solution specification based on the workshop outcome. I authored a use case specification of a handball trainer planning application for the customer including wire frames for the involved devices. I conducted an estimation workshop and wrote a contract based on the estimation results. The contract was negotiated with the customer and signed. I negotiated an agreement with a Marketing Bureau to supply graphics for the solution based on the wire frames, and launched the project with internal resources. I managed the project and suppliers, and deliver weekly project tracking of progress and economy.

Laerdal Medical, Scrum Master
October 2010 - May 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark
Task: Scientific guidelines for e.g. resuscitation are updated by American Heart Association every 5 years, and educational material have to be available for educating medical staff within 2 months after the announcement. Laerdal Medical delivers advanced e-learning medical simulators used to certify the medical staff. The project was to adapt new scientific guidelines in existing simulators as well as integrate new 3D technologies to make lifelike animated simulation of patients and healthcare providers. Contribution: The project had gone stuck and the first task was to revisit requirements, outline a delivery plan and communicate this with the customer. Scrum was introduced to regain customer confidence through guaranteed timely releases. Scrum techniques were also introduced to revitalize the development team, improve visibility and have early identification of problem areas without interrupting the release rhythm. The project involved a design team (3D and graphics) of 5-6 people, a medical team of 2-4 doctors and a development team of 9.

GN NetCom, Mobile Strategy Development
March 2010 - September 2010, Ballerup, Denmark
Task: Development mobile application strategy for the North American market. Establish and support Jabra Apps developer community, through scanning spartphone apps markets, enrolling partner developer organizations and supporting partners integrating headset features. Specification, setup and management of own development of mobile apps integrating to Jabra headsets. Managing specification of smartphone applications and the following RFI/RFQ process on these. Contribution: Assisting on setting up application developer community, and supporting partners integrating headset features. Conducting idea generation workshops for finding candidate mobile applications to be developed internally. Specification of applications to be developed for IPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. Producing input in form of technical analysis and project estimation for business cases covering own development using outsourcing and offshoring. Identification of possible offshore and outsourcing partners. Identification and setup of contacts to potential commercial partners for supporting the strategy.

Organisator, Scrum Master and Coach
June 2009 - March 2010, Ballerup, Denmark
Task: Analyze and re-launch failed project for delivery of a Danish union management system with a team of subsupplier resources. Handle contract issues with customer and supplier, and reestablish the customer’s confidence in a very tight timeframe. Contribution: Introduced scrum processes and tools to create full visibility of progress, quality and performance. Through the introduction of new methods, the end customer was turned from distant receivers to committed collaborators. This allowed for safe development in a poorly specified product. Through delivering a functional release every 4 weeks the end customer has regained confidence in the project ability to perform and deliver good quality. Further the tight collaboration has enabled the project to regain trust in the whole end costumer organization through the participating customer resources. Frequent releases and tests have given a good overview of product quality months before final delivery.


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