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John Weilbacher


Project Manager, Kforce

Location: Columbus, OH


Certified ScrumMaster



John Weilbacher

I was introduced to Scrum in 2005, where I served as a team member (lead architect), and eventually as a Scrum Master (sans certification).  Both projects were wildly successful; however, I left the company in pursuit of a higher income.  Unfortunately, my next two employment opportunities were with large organizations who dreamt up new ways to complicate predictive (waterfall) methodologies.  Being frustrated with managing six, simultaneous projects, spending all my time in spreadsheets and countless hours adjusting the project schedule, I decided in December of '08 to become a certified Scrum Master.  Fortunately my latest employer is considering the introduction of agile practices in 2009, but I'm not sure they even known how to spell agile!  None-the-less, it's Scrum all the way for me now.  No turning back!!!!




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