Julya van Berkel


Agile coach / Scrum Master, Sogeti

Location: Zundert Netherlands


Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Julya van Berkel about her biography: In 2002 I had my first experience with Agile when I found myself a project-lead in a project that used eXtreme Programming. I was introduced to DSDM and experienced a slim version of RUP.

After leaving the company I worked for (a year later) I returned to non-Agile ways only to be introduced to Scrum a little later. I was allowed to certify myself and have been using scrum ever since, accumulating knowledge and routine in scrum and have been either acting as scrum master or scrum coach in my daily work. After switching to another company in 2007, Sogeti, I have been more and more involved in the Agile community, promoting it and advocating it to the company and outside to clients. In 2008 I managed to certify myself as Practitioner and developed a company training for my colleagues, preparing them in case they find themselves in a scrum team. In may 2010 I have been certified me as Agile Professional, meaning I am proficient in Agile as it is. (still keeping scrum in my heart as the most popular Agile framework to use). In recent years I have been working mainly as Agile coach and consultant. I have advised large companies in how to introduce Agile and Scrum and have been teaching Scrum to many clients and colleagues. Last march (2012) I have been certified as Agile Master at the Agile Consortium in the Netherlands, a certification to proof that I am versed in all Agile and can introduce it on many levels.