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Julya van Berkel


Senior Agile / Scrum Coach, Cegeka

Location: Zundert, Netherlands


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Julya van Berkel about her biography: In 2002 I had my first experience with Agile when I found myself a project-lead in a project that used eXtreme Programming. I was introduced to DSDM and experienced a slim version of RUP.

After leaving the company I worked for (a year later) I returned to non-Agile ways only to be introduced to Scrum a little later. I was allowed to certify myself and have been using scrum ever since, accumulating knowledge and routine in scrum and have been either acting as scrum master or scrum coach in my daily work. After switching to another company in 2007, Sogeti, I have been more and more involved in the Agile community, promoting it and advocating it to the company and outside to clients. In 2008 I managed to certify myself as Practitioner and developed a company training for my colleagues, preparing them in case they find themselves in a scrum team. In may 2010 I have been certified me as Agile Professional, meaning I am proficient in Agile as it is. (still keeping scrum in my heart as the most popular Agile framework to use). In recent years I have been working mainly as Agile coach and consultant. I have advised large companies in how to introduce Agile and Scrum and have been teaching Scrum to many clients and colleagues. March 2012 I have been certified as Agile Master at the Agile Consortium in the Netherlands, a certification to proof that I am versed in all Agile and can introduce it on many levels.

For the past few years I have been active as Agile and Scrum coach for several companies through Sogeti. The experience and expertise I have shown has lead to my appointment as Agile Expertise Manager at Sogeti in 2015. In this position I am active in helping the company and our clients with an Agile and Scrum vision. Many times this is organisational improvement and transitions to Scrum.

Work experience

Cegeka, Senior Agile Coach
September 2017 - Present, Veenendaal, Utrecht, NL
As Agile Coach I help Cegeka's customers become more Agile. The focus usually is on getting the organisation transformed to Agile. My main expertise is still Scrum and recently I am more active in getting companies scaled using LeSS.

DSW (through Sogeti), Scrum Coach
June 2015 - August 2016, Schiedam, Zuid Holland, NL
DSW asked for a Scrum training in June 2015. I provided this training and they asked if I could help to coach them a few days a week. I have been doing this off and on for them. They have about 20 teams that all do Scrum and I help them to improve their process. I also help management to understand Scrum so their expectations matches what the teams can deliver.

Sogeti, Scrum Coach
February 2007 - August 2016, Vianen, UT, NL
At Sogeti I am currently leading the Agile and Scrum community. Together with a few core professionals we try to transform the company in a more Agile company. I started in 2007 and noticed there was no Agile or Scrum known in the company. Since then I have been an Agile advocate and with the Agile competence network at Sogeti we have impressed the importance of Agile on many people. I teach Agile and Scrum internally and at clients, coach colleagues in Agile and Scrum and am an oracle on all things Agile.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (through Sogeti), Senior Scrum Master
July 2014 - July 2016, Utrecht, Utrecht, NL
After setting up Scrum teams with developers in a double role as Scrum Master there was a stagnation in understanding and progress within the Scrum teams. NS decided it needed a Senior Scrum Master / Coach. I was hired to help the teams improve and get focused.

Sogeti Cloud department, Scrum Coach
April 2014 - July 2014, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
The new Cloud services department had a large client PostNL that had asked them to transfer all their internal software to the cloud servers of Sogeti. There was a large load for several teams that needed to get focus. The department decided that this should be done in Scrum teams and asked my collegue Richard and me to guide them as Scrum Coaches.

Eneco, Scrum Coach
May 2013 - August 2013, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
At Eneco they started using Scrum in 2013 and needed some coaching to help the teams get a good start. There was also a need to get the upper management involved. I had a short stint at Eneco as Scrum Coach.

Ministry of Economic Affairs (through Sogeti), Scrum Master / Coach
October 2012 - June 2013, Assen, Drente, NL
During this period I was a Scrum Master and Coach for four teams and three projects. The different programmes were important for the Dutch farming community. To get subsidies the products that were developed in this organisation had to be used by the farmers.

Ministry of EL&I (through Sogeti), Scrum Master / Coach
September 2011 - March 2012, The Hague, ZH, NL
At the Ministry of EL&I a project was carried out for CITES. They wanted a backend system to process the CITES requests that they got every day. They also requested an Agile approach for this and Sogeti offered to do the project using Scrum. I was Scrum Master/Coach for this project and it was carried out to the full appreciation of the ministry.

ICS (through Sogeti), Scrum coach
August 2009 - December 2009, Diemen, NH, NL
Sogeti introduced Scrum at International Card Services (Mastercard) through an Agile Awareness class. I was present to answer questions to the people working at ICS on Scrum and Agile. ICS decided on a pilot project that started in september 2009 with which they wanted to try out Scrum. They asked me to be a Scrum coach for them during this project. I advised them on the ways of Scrum and wrote a report for them with my findings on their implementation (per request). The project got high regards at a management level, but there were several things wrong. They discontinued the project and reverted back to their modus of operations, but kept some best practices (the organisation was not correct for Agile at the time) By 2012 they decided to reintroduce Scrum. For this they asked me to help them get the teams aware and trained for the Agile way of working. I am currently the dedicated Agile trainer for them and get teams started with basic knowledge on Scrum.


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