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Joleen Turner


Transformation & Change Management, Credit Suisse

Location: New York, New York


Certified ScrumMaster


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Agile NYC


Joleen Turner

I am a long-time PMP and first became interested in Scrum after practicing XP Programming as a software engineer and later in my management consulting career, participating in a major organizational change and transformation program for a large international conglomerate. As management consultant, I had extensive training in total cycle time management, six sigma methodology, application lifecycle development and wanted to combine that background with my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and PMI Certification to apply these principles to building high-productivity teams using agile lifecycles such as SCRUM, RUP, and Kanban. 

As an agile transformation coach and trainer, I am currently coaching multiple distributed teams to align and transform projects from waterfall practices to SCRUM principles and practices.  Along with developing their skills in multi-level backlog management, crafting stores and acceptance criteria, design and code refactoring, TDD, and build-integration-test automation, my major focus and interest is in creating and sustaining team dynamics that drive creativity, trust, continuous improvement, and high-performance.

I enjoy being a servant leader, creating that safe environment that allows the team to feel open to constructive debate, to inspect and adapt to SCRUM principles and practices and to just have fun doing what they do. Conducting the team retrospective is my favorite ceremony.

As a transformation coach, I help to identify common ways in which SCRUM is misunderstood and misapplied in their current environment and then coach the teams to adopt and align SCRUM practices and disciplines in their environment to achieve the outcomes needed to deliver business value.  

In my coaching role, my interests continue to be in organizational transformation and change breakthrough methods, systemic coaching, collaboration techniques and developing high-performance teams. I practice a co-active coaching approach –deep listening, accountability and powerful questions—so that teams can grow through their own insights supplemented by training and mentoring. 

I am happy to attest that great software development can come from a human perspective based on team trust, communication, great-but-not-perfect emergent design and self-organizing behaviors. 




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