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Jonathan Toland


Marketing, Danube Technologies

Location: Portland, Ore.


Certified ScrumMaster



Jonathan Toland has been in software sales and marketing for many years - with, at, near and next to programmers and their development tools from ancient days when bit bangers were banished from UNIX to DOS. He helped "create the Internet" by providing tools to Bolt, Beranek and Newman, he commiserated with Richard Stallman when spiteful commerical software vendors glided showswag polystyrene airplanes at him in the Free Software Foundation's GNU booth, and he proudly boosted A Few Guys, Incorporated - twice - into the escape velocity of liquidity events. He blissfully busies himself on the side of the angels, evangelizing for fun and profit the boon, discipline and allure of Scrum - sometimes as Prometheus, sometimes as Cassandra.


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