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Jürgen Szolay


Scrum Master, Admiral Sportwetten

Location: 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria


Certified ScrumMaster



I was born in Eisenstadt a small town in the very east of Austria. And I still stick to my hometown, even if I am living in Vienna during the week because of work.

After primary school and finally technical school (called HTL in Austria), I started working as a police officer. This was a great experience for a young man, like I was at that time. And I never want to miss that time. 

After few years as a regular police officer, I decided to work on a technical field for the police department (IT training and organization for end users - so to say for police officers). And after that I started working as a software developer for the government, for the ministery for internal affairs (Bundesministerium für Inneres).

But working for government in that area, was dissapointing ... but I will not start to talk about details (if you are interessted, you can contact me personally). So I decided to start working for commercial companies. For

    Techtalk ( - great company to get a lot of experience for a developer

    Metadata ( - give me a great chance to improve myself - personally

    bwin ( - definitely one of my best decisions (and I am not forced to say so *g*) 

    Funstage ( - a great opportunity to learn a lot about many different areas (UX, process definition, tool evaluation and integration, contract negotations, etc...)

   Admiral Sportwetten ( - my current employer and the possibility to put in those many years of experience to transit from Waterfall to Agile


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