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Jakob Schmidt Sørensen


Senior Project Manager, Systematic a/s

Location: Denmark, Copenhagen


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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I really like motivating people to work together for a shared vision. I do this by facilitating. Building up trust between colleagues, introducing real team work, focusing on Quality Assurance inside out, creating a positive, participating work environment which promotes team efforts and a shared sense of purpose.

I really like working in a high productive environment with constant pace throughout the organization. Teams are self-organized, having that important face-to-face interaction also with the business people every day. Therefore the teams are able to embrace changes in a structured manner as the cadence for work packages are 1-2 week long. I trust that every employee is doing the best he/she can why I don’t focus on control and metrics in a common sense.

I really like to talk with people. People are what matters. I do try to focus on their needs and to get a better understanding of them. I like to understand their world of perspective. I also like structure and processes concepts like Product Owners, Product Vision, Persona's and Grooming of backlog makes it tickle a bit as we deliver customer value at a constant pace.

I really like working with creative ideas and make them into solid products that satisfies costumers. As a certified Project Manager, I constantly try to optimize the work from Idea to satisfied customer with the product in hand.

I really like doing the right thing also when nobody is watching

I’ve been working with delivering value to customers though projects for more than 11 years and I like it! The first many years I work as a Project Manager and got educated, certified (IPMA C) and had some fantastic jobs in great companies directing each project into customer value. I've learned so much.

In 2005 I got inspired by the Agile “movement” and started to read and learn about it. This lead to a new area in my carrier. Wanting to work with the concepts of "Trust", "Fast Delivery", “Inspect and Adapt”, "Self Organized Teams" and “Facilitation”. I tried to convince my employer working like this and in e-conomic this happened :-)

….. I’m not an evangelist but consider myself as a Agile Ninja. For me working with the agile framework means to using common sense and use the empiric knowledge of how to make great products with focus on customer value. By increasing the feedback loops and securing the alignment with all stakeholders we can produce an environment with trust and respect making it easier being together reaching our shared vision.<br><br>

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