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Joakim Sahlberg


Agile Coach, Netlight Consulting

Location: Stockholm



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Joakim Sahlberg is a skilled agile coach with experience from software projects in different industries. He has previous experience from driving change initiatives. Joakim comes from a background in development and has during his more recent years been working as an agile coach and scrum master in industries ranging from aviation to telecom and finance with everything from web services and B2B systems to desktop applications. Joakim is a disciplined and result oriented individual who is passionate about agile, practical and modern ways of working. He is seen as a social and communicative person which makes it easy for him to communicate with various parties, from both the technical and business side of the organisation. The co-workers around him is the most important thing to Joakim, which makes it a very high priority to establish working communication channels and healthy processes.

Work experience

Spotify, Agile Coach
August 2016 - Present, Stockholm, Sweden
Agile coach in the BIS tribe working with internal financial systems at Spotify. Department size of roughly 90 people spread across management and roughly 8 development teams.

Netlight Consulting, Agile Coach
October 2015 - Present, London, United Kingdom
Agile coach consultant

Funding Circle, Scrum Master/Agile Coach
November 2015 - March 2016, London, United Kingdom
Funding Circle is the leading online marketplace for small business loans where individuals as well as institutional investors can lend money directly to businesses. Funding Circle has their headquarters in London, Great Britain but also has offices in the US, Germany, Netherland and Spain. Funding Circle is already a very agile organisation when you look at the technology department. Due to the rapid growth of the company during the latter part of 2015, the challenge was partly to maintain the agile approach. The company was also facing the tough challenge, during 2016, of re-writing the platform that the service runs on. Joakim was brought in to replace a key individual who had been with the company in the London office for many years and who recently transferred to the newly started office in Germany to get the development up and running on that site. Joakim got handed 3 teams, of which one was completely new. Main focus in the newly formed team was to create the foundation for great teamwork and establish the mind-set of delivery focus. In the other 2 teams it was more a question of regaining the feeling that their deliveries actually were important and contributed to the success of the company. Coaching the product owners was a very important part with all three teams. With the start of 2016 the company changed direction slightly for the development and put its main focus on the re-writing of the underlying platform. Thanks to the quick trust gained in Joakim he was re-allocated to coach 2 out of the 5 teams that would work on building the new platform. One of these two teams was completely new and the other had been working together for a couple of months. Apart from the teams that Joakim worked directly with he also focused on driving miscellaneous initiatives to increase cooperation and teamwork as well as transparency throughout the organisation in order to increase the understanding towards the technology department by the other parts of the business. With Joakim’s help they managed to create a very good foundation for teamwork in the newly started team and set them up for success going in to 2016. Joakim was also the driving force behind an initiative to create a forum where the scrum masters could share their learnings and work as more of a unit rather than individuals. There were a number of other initiatives happening where Joakim was a key person. The organisation’s growing confidence in Joakim’s abilities was shown by that he was given more and more freedom to do what he thought would help get Funding Circle closer to their goal at the same time as their aim was to reduce the number of external contractors and consultants.

Sony Mobile Communications, Team Lead
July 2014 - July 2015, Lund, SE
Team Lead for the Lifelog application including server, client and web teams.

Flygprestanda AB, ScrumMaster
January 2013 - July 2014, Malmö, Sverige, Sweden
ScrumMaster in 3 different teams over the period.

Flygprestanda AB, Agile Coach
January 2013 - January 2014, Malmö, Sverige, Sweden

In the role of Agile coach I was leading the implementation of Scrum for the development department. My main goal as Agile coach during this period was to introduce the Scrum framework and complete the transition to Agile for all development teams. With my guidance I have been working towards the goal of creating self-organizing teams where focus lies on delivering high-quality software.

Flygprestanda AB, Software Developer
February 2007 - January 2013, Malmö, Skåne, Sweden

Worked as a software developer.

Articles I've written

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