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Jose Reyes Zuniga


Dev., MakingDevs

Location: Mexico City


I am a software developer in MakingDevs, early adopter, motivated by what surrounds the agile culture, firm believer of good values. I am continually looking for ways to improve the process of software development techniques, methods and technologies.

I support tools that I know to improve collaboration in teams that develop software. I help people to fail with the confidence that they can learn from it to improve, creating for them a suitable environment to the situation they face.

Support for business people helping them understand the creative and innovation process, as well crearles common communication channels with people in technology that allow them to have visibility of the work done, I help them to know their own organization and identify areas risks and improvement.

Work experience

MakingDevs, CIO & Dev.
July 2013 - Present, CDMX, CDMX, Mexico
Currently, I am in charge of the management of the company, my responsibility is to incorporate techniques and methods to give customers quality software products. I am a programmer of various technologies within the company, my work also involves helping the team to understand business goals, as well as technical support in creating solutions and software design. Among other activities, also it organized internal events that allow expose the use of techniques and methods that deal to solve some kind of problem.


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