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Jim Reed


Sr. Business Consultant, Tata Consulting Services

Location: Denver, CO/USA


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Jim Reed

Raised on a farm in Virginia.  I discovered an Apple II computer in the 5th grade and have been involved with using and creating things with them every since.  Wrote my first program in the 6th grade using Logo.  Began teaching others to code in the 7th grade.  Joined the USAF Space Command in 1990 instead of going to college.  Got a job with a Kaman Sciences in 1995 as a Requirements Analyst for software at NORAD...oh how I used to be so proud of the thousands of requirements I had written.  Moved on to a little start up in Boulder in 1997 called RequisitePro...which became Rational Software...then IBM.  Started consulting with CIBER, Inc. in 2003 where I became a Project Manager.  After a couple of years I had had enough.  I knew there had to be a better way....ahhhhhhh...Agile!!!!

Coaching Agile values, principles and practices since 2007.  Started with Scrum but now helping teams and organizations design Kanban systems as well.

Work experience

TCS - Tata Consultancy Services, Agile Coach
June 2016 - Present, Denver, CO, US
My current engagement with TCS involves a major Agile transformation within a large banking organization in the United States. • Training new agile teams in Lean concepts, Agile values and principles and Scrum practices • Coaching and mentoring the organization’s Scrum Masters via a community of practice • Assessing team Agile maturity • Supporting Management in Scaling Agile for Product Development using LeSS, Large Scale Scrum as well as Kanban • Defining Agile practices for the entire organization • Facilitating a weekly meeting of Executives from across the Consumer Credit Line of Business where we work to remove organizational impediments to Agility • Leading the effort to redesign their Jira implementation to include program and portfolio-level support • Building training materials for TCS’s Agile Practice

ReadyTalk, Agile Coach
October 2012 - April 2016, Denver, CO, US
• Mentored C-level executives to strengthen Agile leadership skills and develop new management practices for an ever-changing and increasingly complex organization • Provided coaching, training, mentoring to all Engineering and Product managers to continuously improve their Agile skills needed for creating an environment that allows Lean and Agile practices and mindsets to thrive • Provided coaching, training and mentoring to all software development, operations, IT and marketing teams to continuously improve their Lean and Agile skills, specifically around Lean Startup and Kanban to ensure they remain high performing, producing quality products and getting the right product to the market as quickly and responsibly as possible • Administered the Atlassian Jira tool, customizing workflows and task automation via Groovy scripting • Facilitated retrospectives and other meetings for the entire organization ranging from five to 50 attendees in size • Conducted half to multi-day team workshops as necessary for launching new teams to planning large efforts • Conductied detailed Lean and Agile training for new employees as well as assist in the hiring process • Served as the 5-Whys Master to help teams get to the root cause of problems • Hosted a monthly Agile coaching group on ReadyTalk premises attracting coaches from all over the region to share experiences and teach each other new practices as well as regularly attending the Agile Denver and Kanban meetups • Lead the creation of the engineering metrics and team diagnostics program to ensure transparency for all levels of the organization and provide means to measure improvements which lead to the reduction of time to production from 10 weeks to three for our core teams and continuous delivery for our mobile technology teams


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