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Jesus Mirabal


Technical Product Manager, Sungard

Location: Miami, FL


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

South Florida SUG (SOFSUG)


Jesus Mirabal is an experienced technologist with more than 17 years in the software development industry. His strengths range from a strong technical background focused on engineering and technology, to software development management based on Agile principles.
You can regularly find Jesus involved in activities such as
- Bringing agility to software development teams by introducing and rolling out lean agile methodologies and modern software engineering practices.
- Coaching, managing and providing leadership to development teams.
- Advising, helping and working with upper executive tiers to organize/re-organize software development teams.
- Designing complex architectural solutions to support business needs.
- Translating business requirements from Product Owners and Stakeholder into effective software solutions.

Work experience

Sungard, Director of Development
September 2010 - Present, Miami, FL, United States
Head of the Application Software Development Team that covers the full SDLC of the flagship product Investran, along with the additional Investran DX offering. Investran is well recognized as the market leader in the Private Equity sector of the Financial Industry with over 400 clients ranging from boutique VC funds to large institutions such as JP Morgan, Citi, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, etc. Some of my current duties are: • Lead a team of 30+ members composed by software engineers, architects, and sql development engineers from the line management perspective. • Responsible for the adoption and continuous improvement of scrum as the main Agile methodology along with XP engineering best practices as the framework for the Investran development machinery. • Continuous interaction with the Product Management team defining scope for new releases (product backlog elaboration and grooming) based on overall Vision and stakeholders input. • Coach Teams and Scrum Masters, promote Improvement Communities across 8 scrum teams. • Follow up, coordinate, and help removing impediments for all scrum teams (conducting scrum of scrums weekly meetings). • Work with the release/engineering group to maintain/improve the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the execution of Agile practices (coordinate IT infrastructure, maintenance of MS TFS as the SDLC backbone, coordinate code branching, guarantee and improve CI and overnight builds, etc.) • Work with architects and senior staff in the design of the overall product architecture. • Work with Business Unit and Segment executives to define budget and resourcing strategies. • Recruit local development resources as well as coordinate with off-shore development partners in India and South America.

Sungard, Chief Architect
January 1995 - September 2010, Miami, FL, United States
Some of the duties as Chief Architect included: • Elaborating, designing, prototyping and monitoring key technical decisions within the Investran R&D team. • Selection of technologies, tools, frameworks, as well as design of the backbone of the next generation of Investran (family 6). This included porting the 50% of the entire Investran package from smart Windows client to Web based, distributed application. Investran 6 architecture became a robust and flexible loosely coupled framework following Interface Development standard patterns to accommodate growth, extensibility and low cost maintainability. • Elaboration, standardization and adoption of coding policies, best practices and overall systematization of the development process within the Investran team. • Leading the actual development (coding) effort of the architecture team, responsible for delivering core pieces (Data Access Layer, Business Rules Layer, Dynamic Web UI framework, etc.) for the next generation of Investran. • Leading the development effort of a MS Workflow Foundation based framework to support custom solutions for Investran DX clients. • Active participation in the Sungard Common Services Architecture (CSA) initiative. Collaboration with the CSA MS .NET reference implementation team.

TRAINmar, Software Engineer and Project Manager
December 1997 - June 1998, Havana, Havana, Cuba
TRAINmar Cuba Center. (Node that is part of TRAINmar network of the Caribbean Basin, organization sponsored by the United Nations' UNCTAD organization, as a general project for the educational improvement of professionals from undeveloped countries). Developing Interactive Multimedia Courses using Macromedia Director. Duties: Analysis and design; Construction; Responsible for the management of a group of 3 developers.

Cubarte (CEISIC) , Software Engineer
August 1995 - December 1997, Havana, Havana, Cuba
CEISIC is an enterprise sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Culture. • 1995-1996: Working on Relational Database projects, warehouse management and accounting applications. Windows Based applications developed on Visual Basic and Delphi. Support for MS Access and SQL Server backend. • 1996-1997: Member of the LatinAmercan Multimedia Lab. Web and Multimedia Applications (interactive CD-ROMs) using Macromedia authoring tools (Authorware, Director, Shockwave, etc.)

Financial Technologies, Inc. (FTI), Lead Engineer, Techincal Project Manager
August 1998 - December 1994, Miami, FL, United States
1998-2000: Joined FTI at the earliest stages of this startup company. Had an active participation in the conception of Investran as a software package from the technical stand point. Soon became one of the main developers of investran, covering the entire lifecycle of its software development process. Database structure design and maintenance, user interface conception and implementation, design and elaboration of classes and collaborations, generation of creative solutions and software alternatives to fulfill diverse stakeholders needs, deployment, data conversion and even direct support to clients are part of the tasks performed during the incipient development of the raising Investran package, soon to become the market leader in the Private Equity industry. 2000-2005: Project Manager within the Investran R&D team. During this period I was in charge of the Reporting Services and Portfolio Management application areas. Some of the duties included: • Management and coordination of 2 development Teams (fluctuating from 10 to 15 team members). • Decisive participation in the entire cycle of software development, from Analysis and Design to Construction and Implementation phases. • Implementation of methodologies and formal development process. • Participation in the strategic design of development plans for the organization, mainly in relation with critical technical decisions. • Leading role in the transition from VB/COM based applications to the C#/.NET platform. • Gather requirements; make technical decisions; architecture design; track schedules; assign resources; analyze budgets; etc. • Development (code writing) of specific modules. During this period the 75% of Investran was ported to MS .NET 1.1, with C# as the native code. At the end of 2004, FTI was acquired by Sungard, initiating the process of insertion within a large software development company.


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