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Jeff Meyer


Senior Consultant, Solution Design Group

Location: Minneapolis, MN


Jeff Meyer is a Java Web and Scrum Consultant at Solution Design Group in Minneapolis, MN. He has been working in various "functional" levels of Scrum environments since 2007, including bringing Scrum into companies to improve development processes.

Jeff has been involved in setting agile rhythms, establishing story point velocity, and organizing all Scrum ceremonies.

Jeff has set up a multiple team Scrum development environment, including setting up and leading a Scrum of Scrums.

Jeff has mentored ScrumMasters, Product Owners, and junior technical staff.

Jeff has even done one highly successful stint as a Product Owner!

Jeff has been developing Java web applications since 2005 (with a brief stint developing an ASP.NET web application during part of 2006).

Jeff has led an interesting life as a project manager, development manager, and software developer, before finding his niche working in Scrum environments (which helps him understand the pitfalls of waterfall, but also the potential pitfalls of Scrum)

Articles I've written

The Case for a Technical ScrumMaster
When I first heard of the concept of Scrum nearly ten years ago, the role of the ScrumMaster seemed pretty easy to understand: a person who spent 50 percent of the time doing the same work as the team and 50 percent of the time enforcing the proce...


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