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Jan Machacek


Technical director, Cake Solutions

Location: Reddish, Cheshire, UK


Certified ScrumMaster



Jan Macháček is a highly experienced Java enterprise architect, consultant and developer with very strong technical and team management skills.

He works best in complex environments where his capable and assured grasp of issues enables him to provide real value in managing and directing programmes to successful completion.

Jan’s development experience includes numerous aspects of programming techniques, from low-level C development to the most complex Java enterprise systems. He often combines the deep insight of the theoretical concepts of computer science, low-level programming, UN*X operating systems, RDBMSs and detailed knowledge of the contemporary Java EE frameworks with his authoring and speaking experience to mentor, drive and motivate large development teams.

Alongside several articles, Jan has authored 4 books; the most notable ones are Pro Spring and Pro Spring 2.5. He regularly speaks at conferences and developer events in the UK and abroad and he is the editor of the Open Source Journal.

In his spare time, Jan likes to explore new programming languages and experiment with microcontrollers. Unless it is snowing heavily, Jan competes in time trials and road races as a member of the Manchester Wheelers’ Cycling Club.


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