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Jiri Lundak


Agile Coach, Founder, REDpill GmbH

Location: Kriens, Switzerland


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

SwissICT Lean Agile Scrum Group


Jiri is working with for his own coaching company REDpill GmbH in central Switzerland. He is helps organizations implement Agile software development processes, but at the same time still writes some code. Having more than 26 years of experience as a software developer, architect and project lead, ScrumMaster and Product Owner he has gone through many ups and downs of our profession.

Since 1999 when he heard Kent Beck have a provocative talk advocating something strange called XP at the OOP conference in Munich, he was fascinated by a development and project management style, that put people back at the center of the process. Ever since he has tried to persuade his collegues and upper management, that it was worthwhile to step back from what we were doing till then and that we should return and let common sense guide us, when we try to make things work.

On the way he has seen failures and successes. Currently he works as Agile change agent within his organisation. He has spoken at conferences like Scrum Gatherings, XPDays London and Germany, SET Zurich or JAX and published numerous articles on Agile "DOs" and "DON'Ts" mainly in the German speaking area. Currently he is working on a book called "Agile Processes - Implementation pitfalls and how to avoid them" that should appear in German at years' end.

He is a Certified Scrum Master since the First Scrum Gathering in Vienna in 2004. 


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