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Justin Hennessy



Certified ScrumMaster



I have been working in the IT industry since 1994. In that time I have been involved in the IT industry areas of Project Management, Infrastructure Construction, Software Development and Network Management. Over this time I have made a consious effort to development a large array of soft skills that make me an excellent facilitator and supporter of project teams. I am focused on project management and working with and for highly motivated, self organised teams. I enjoy a highly challenging work environment and work well under pressure to achieve deadlines. I am self-motivated and energetic, learning quickly and easily, and seek out opportunities to develop skills and abilities to my full potential. I have an exceptional organisational capability, paying attention to detail and planning whilst keeping the overall picture in mind. I am able to work without supervision or as an integral part of a success orientated team.

Work experience

Everyday Hero, Scrum Master
January 2011 - Present, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
At Everyday Hero I work with a great team of 7 developers on product and bespoke work. I was bought on board to implement Scrum and the team is well on its journey.

Codefire, Operation and Project Manager
May 2008 - January 2011, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Worked with a highly distributed team of developers working on custom web solutions for clients.

Articles I've written

An Agile Team "Reset"
By its very nature, Scrum is a constant journey of inspection and adaptation. But there comes a time when it's a good idea for an Agile team (mature or not) to take a step back to review and relearn the foundation principles and practices of Scrum. In other words, have a team "reset."


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