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James Eden


Director of Operations, Xaton B.V.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Certified ScrumMaster



James Eden: I studied physics at The University of Melbourne before moving to Bochum, Germany, to take up a research post at The Institute of Theoretical Physics. In 1998, with the temptations of the IT revolution impossible to resist, I joined Cambridge Technology Partners as project manager,and later program manager - working for big clients like Gerling, Deutsche Post, Panasonic and Randstad (in NL). While at Randstad, I met Willy De Laet and (later) Dennis Tilgenkamp. I left Cambridge at the end of 2003, and in 2004 Willy and I founded Xaton Ltd to initiate software development projects in India for Randstad, KPN, De Telefoongids, Ilse Media and others. In 2007, an ongoing cooperation with Dennis developed into a full and equal partnership, so that Dennis, Willy and I were able to found Xaton B.V. in Amsterdam as a Netherlands-based consulting company, keen to attract first-class local expertize. Since then, Xaton B.V. has moved from strength to strength. Count we have 18 people on board and continue to grow.


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