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John Buchanan

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Certified ScrumMaster



John Buchanan. I started my career with 14 years in the Royal Air Force, doing a mixture of logistics and IT roles, with my IT experience beginning as an Assembler Programmer (no software engineer titles back then!) before moving into project and programme management . In the 20+ years since then I've worked in a variety of organisations, and worked as an independent contractor, building more IT experience, and I've also picked up a couple of degrees on the way (BA & MBA). After years of applying traditional methods like Prompt II, Prince and MSP, I defected to the Agile side nearly 15 years ago, initially working with the team at RADTAC. After a mixture of training, coaching, mentoring and delivery, in Europe, the USA, India and China, I now work for a global system integrator in the UK leading engagements delivering mainly to public sector clients with a strong agile focus. As we first helped companies adopt agile practices and processes, we used to wonder what would succeed agile. The answer seems to be labelled as DevOps these days, particularly where we need to support large organisations as they adopt multi-speed development approaches to exploit new tools, technologies and platform approaches. This also means that we need to help them with their behavioural and business practice changes as they evolve to address the increasingly dynamic technology landscape. The Digital buzzword still seems to have many interpretations!


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