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Juan Barberis


International Business and Technology Project Execution Expert, Barberis

Location: Sydney, Australia


Certified ScrumMaster



Juan Barberis assists individuals and organizations to minimize their risk and maximize their ROI as a Lean & Agile Practitioner, Coach and Trainer. He provides value to clients by drawing on his successful experience in international sales, marketing, project management, technology solutions, and coaching to lead in the delivery of the right solutions, on-time and on-budget.

Juan developed his experience in California while working for software developers and solutions providers in the Apple, UNIX, Novell, and Windows environments before joining Dell’s eBusiness Enterprise Sales Support Team at corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. At Dell, Juan contributed to the success of start-up initiatives such as online diagnostics, web hosting, and Lean/Agile workshops while becoming a valuable asset to VPs and GMs and their enterprise sales teams. Juan presently leads successful Lean and Agile implementations in the Financial Services, IT/Telco, and Online markets and teaches smart and ambitious entrepreneurs towards their personal objectives and dreams.

Juan earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University and his MBA from Thunderbird. To further develop his project management, business analysis and technical understanding, Juan did post-graduate studies in Electronic Commerce at the University of California, Irvine - one of the leading institutions in California for progressive Lean & Agile practitioners. He is an experienced and certified ScrumMaster having worked on several Scrum projects in the past 8 years and conducted sessions at numerous large and small companies as well as conferences. Most recently, Juan facilitated the "Evolution of Agile" session at Agile Tour Sydney 2011.


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