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Han van Loon



Location: Switzerland

+41 78 9335056


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Han van Loon.

Competences - Coaching, training and creating organizational cultures oriented towards excellence. Agile methods esp Scrum training development and delivery, and Scrum coaching (CSP, CSPO & CSM). Workshop and change facilitator. Process engineering, management and improvement.  Strategic management, management of innovation and product R&D. Inter-company management and management-technical liaison. Quality Management Systems and Quality Assurance. Standards setting work in ISO JTC1/SC7, ECSS, SNV. IT operations, development, testing and service desks, and outsourcing. 

Popular Conference and Seminar Speaker. 

MBA and BBA course developer and trainer (visiting & associate professor).

Other roles include: Information Services Manager/Chief Information Officer. Research and Development Manager: Director of Innovation. Business Development and Marketing. Quality Manager. System Designer. Software Developer.  Global project manager. Trainer.

Work experience

Schindler, Coach
April 2015 - Present, Ebikon, LU, Switzerland
Train and coach Schindler's SAP development teams, business experts (as product owners) and SAP development manager, to use Scrum for new development projects and maintenance of existing systems. 6 project teams launched.

Zurich Insurance, Innovative Project Delivery, Group PMO
January 2009 - Present, Zurich, ZRH

Agile advocate in Zurich Insurance in role as head of Innovative Project Delivery (Global role). Scrum master coach and trainer. Launched Scrum initiative in Zurich Insurance. As Scrum trainer and coach I have guided the launch of 50 Scrum teams and projects to date. In project start up phase sometimes act as Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Master for initial Sprint(s) until new person up to speed.

Develop project tailoring guidelines for agile methods including Scrum October - November 2009 - 60 hours

Agile method tailoring advice as coach for project teams throughout 2010 - 180 hours

As the Zurich internal Scrum trainer and Scrum coach, perform the following activities:

Launch Agile and Scrum innovative project delivery initiative 2011

Develop Zurich internal Agile and Scrum awareness training sessions starting in January 2011 - 200 hours

Deliver Agile and Scrum awareness sessions March - October 2011 - 160 hours

Develop initial Scrum web pages for Zurich ZPMF portal in 2011 - 80 hours

Develop Zurich internal Scrum master training starting November 2011 - 260 hours

Deliver Agile and Scrum awareness sessions in 2012 and 2013 (on demand) - 160 hours

Train and coach ZICSA Broker Zone Scrum team starting in February 2012 - 250 hours

Train and coach COPS project team, starting in June - October 2012 - 250 hours

Train and coach Green Wave 2 project team in July - September 2012 - 150 hours

Train and coach Farmers Life Insurance LifeNet 2.0 team starting August 2012 - 250 hours

Train and coach TOSCA team staring July 2012 - 120 hours

Develop comprehensive Scrum portal as part of the Zurich ZPMF project management portal starting in 2011 - 200 hours

Train and coach first UK Life team November 2012 - 120 hours

Train and coach ZICSA 2nd wave teams Jan 2013 - 160 hours

Train and coach UK 2nd wave teams Feb March 2013 - 220 hours.

Train and coach UK 3rd wave teams April - May 2013 - 120 hours

Train and coach Zurich corporate team June 2013 - 100 hours

Train and coach Zurich CAPS team July 2013 - 60 hours

Coaching UK MOSS & Data retention teams August - 80 hours

Train Zurich corporate DBE team and product owner September - November 2013 - 180 hours

Train Zurich corporate Group P&PM and IIS teams  October 2013 - 40 hours

Coach IIS product owner and scrum master - November - 20 hours

Train UK 4th wave teams November 2013 - 60 hours

Zurich Scrum network survey and corporate Scrum capability initiative planning November - December 2013 - 60 hours

Commence preparation of Scrum Product Owner course starting December 2013 - 60 hours (to date)

Deliver Scrum Product Owner courses in 2014 - 320 hours

Deliver Scrum Master courses in 2014 - 280 hours

Run Scrum Method Adoption workshops in 2014 - 150 hours

Scrum team coaching in 2014 - 350 hours

Prepare and deliver Scrum executive training - 120 hours

Attend Agile Coach Camp Switzerland - 24 hours

Deliver Scrum Master courses in 2015 - 120 hours

Deliver Scrum Product Owner course in 2014 - 30 hours

Run Scrum Method Adoption Workshops with new Scrum teams in 2015 - 40 hours

Coach Scrum teams - 120 hours

Engage external Scrum professionals to provide assessment, training and coaching for Scrum teams in Zurich, e.g. Scrum Inc, Trifork - 40 hours

Train new Scrum teams, stakeholders and managers: Scrum Master & Scrum product Owner in 2015 - 560 hours

Coach new Scrum teams (16 in 2015), managers, scrum masters and product owners (in 2015) - 1020 hours

Present at GOTO night - 4 hours (include prep)

Present at Agile Hong Kong group workshop - 8 hours (include prep)

Present at Agile Malaysia workshop - 8 hours (include prep)

Attend Global Scrum Gathering in Prague - 32 hours

Leistungs Consult GmbH, Principal Consultant
February 2005 - Present, Walchwil

Organizational excellence and innovation consultant. Agile trainer and coach (JAD/RAD, XP, EVO, Scrum).

Develop and introduce Agile product development methods into Operations and Project Management MBA courses at IUN International University in Geneva) and UBIS (University of Business and International Studies) 2005 - 2006 - 80 hours

Develop and deliver presentation 'The mature approach to agility' at 3rd World Congress for Software Quality, Munich 2005 - 40 hours

Describe use of XP within Philips research in Netherlands in the authored book: Process assessment and improvement - A practical guide. ISBN-13: 978-0-387-30044-3 - 40 hours.

Develop and deliver Introduction to Agile courses in Netherlands September 2008 - 120 hours

Refine and deliver Introduction to Agile training in Poland September 2009 - 80 hours.

Active participant on LinkedIn Scrum forums in 2012, 2013 - 80 hours.

Other competences:

Strategy development and implementation. Process development. Principal - ISO process assessment standards. Standards developer for ISO and SNV. Clients include: Swiss Reinsurance, Postfinance, A-Lanes, Nottingham Trent, International University in Geneva, UBIS Geneva. ESA and Polish society for quality. Associate professor teaching MBA operations management, project management, enterprise culture and team culture subjects.

Develop and publish youtube video: Ready Ready Done Done with Scrum - 120 hours

Develop and publish youtube video: Estimation bubble - 80 hours

Write article for Scrum Alliance on how uncertainty and estimation should use a new paradigm for showing uncertainty in Agile projects and its effect on estimation and planning. - 20 hours

Attend agile coach camp Switzerland - 30 hours

Active participant on LinkedIn Scrum forums in 2014 - 60 hours.

Attend Scrum GOTO nights - 20 hours

Run Scrum training for Schindler (2 day & 3 day courses) - 40 hours

Scrum coach at Schindler - 24 hours

Active participant on LinkedIn Scrum forums in 2015 - 80 hours.

Present Pecha Kucha at Scrum Gathering Prague. 10 hours (incl prep)

Informal 1:1 coaching at Scrum Gathering Prague. 4 hours

Synspace, Senior consultant
January 2001 - May 2005, Basel, Switzerland

Senior consultant. European Space Agency projects: risk, reuse, process assessment, target process profile projects. Anite projects: process assessment and improvement. SwissLife: outsourcing. The Fantastic Corporation: development processes.

Develop and deliver Operations and Project management course for IUN (International University in Geneva) 2003, including agile product development methods - 160 hours

CelsiusTech - SAAB Systems, Information Services - CIO
August 1991 - January 2001, Adelaide, Australia

CIO and Head of Information services. Executive committee member. Quality Manager.

Agile project implementation: introduce JAD/RAD agile project practices in 1998 with custom agile contracting, project management, development and deployment. - 300 hours

Coach agile product developments - 230 hours

Articles I've written

Scrum and STARS
Teamwork is one of the foundations of Scrum. Scrum includes a number of principles and practices that promote working as a team, including team autonomy, self-organization, no explicit manager role, and everyone being called team members (i.e., n...

Estimation and Uncertainty
I want to propose a new visual paradigm for depicting uncertainty in a project using Scrum.


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