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Hans-Martin Mosner


Georg Heeg e.K.

Location: Dortmund, Germany


Certified ScrumMaster



Hans-Martin Mosner is a long-time Smalltalker. After first hearing about the fabulous Smalltalk system in 1981, he did not have access to anything real until around 1984 when he was working as a student in the UNIX support group at University of Dortmund. There Georg Heeg was trying to implement Berkeley Smalltalk on a PCS Cadmus workstation which was based on a 68K processor. Being able to offer some help with the idiosyncrasies of the PCS C compiler, Hans-Martin suddenly had his hands on a mouse attached to a large bit-mapped display driven by a Smalltalk image, and within short time he was infected...

In 1988, Hans-Martin started to work full-time with Georg Heeg, and he still is.

During his professional career, Hans-Martin has been involved in Smalltalk projects of varying sizes and scopes, using mostly descendents of Smalltalk-80, but also VA Smalltalk. His recent interests are in Seaside and in the COLA system.


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