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Hugues Meunier



Location: Paris, France


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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CSP, CSM, Architect and Technical leader

I am born in Metz (France) in 1965. I got a phD in Engineering Sciences (University Of Sciences Of NICE France) in 1993. My phD was about non-linear thermodynamics. I created my own company in 1995 and work as a consultant in my company for twenty years. I am involved for many years with process in project management and improvement of traditional process (cascade, merise).

I worked on several projects managed with Extreme programming concepts: pair programming, refactoring, planning poker and so on were in my practices for many years.

I discovered Scrum framework in 2003 and like the different ideas around Scrum in particular the fact that is no individual responsibility but really some collective ones. I use to say that Scrum puts people again in heart of projects.

I am a CSM since 2010 and a CSP since 2011. I had my CSM training with Jeff SutherIand in Paris in 2010. I managed a large project in 2009-2010 about a migration of a core banking software. I did some training, some coaching during this project. This was a great adventure to work with people that uses to work on merise and mainframe solutions and to show us all the benefits from agile methods.

I am a senior architect and a technical leader with strong skills in technical architecture, .NET and JEE architectural concepts. My different skills make me more accurate on complex projects. I spent my last years to apply Scrum ideas on large technical projects and others kind of projects outside computing Science.

My current concerns are about scaling scrum projects, agile organizations and contracts in scrum projects. It a real objective for me to show to managers (CIO, CEO) all the benefits to adopt agile methods for all the company.

I worked a lot as a software architect to help developers with continuous integration, design and effectiveness in software delivery and software factories.

I am a technical leader and a technical expert on different skills in hardware, technical architecture, new technologies like Cloud, Internet Of Things, .net development, jee development, WEB API, REST, JSON, Microsoft products, MDM…

I work since 2013 to setup a private cloud based on Microsoft technologies (hyperV, Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2). This project use scrum framework. It was a challenge to make the release plan and to decide which functionalities are on the different releases.

I am involved in agile organization, a concept which taking flight in France. It’s a challenge in France because of the heavy hierarchy in place in most of companies here. I think some new organizations will take place next years, new organizations that will help people to be smarter and to feel good in their jobs. I think self-organized people and systems are the future. I find some great ideas in holacracy and how some organizations find a force to continually change and to be hyper adaptive.

I would like to be a CSC in the next years to transfer my knowledge in agile methods and organizations.




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