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Hannes Fischer


Fischer Software

Location: N├╝rnberg, Germany


Certified ScrumMaster





Starting in the early 80s  as one of the first german computer kids, my interests evolved over the from hardware design oder driver programming to high level application development. In 2000 my first agile project with a 5 person team reaches the succesfull roll out and was the beginning of a lot small and medium sized pieces of agile developed software. In 2007 we switched (or slided) to SCRUM and a handfull of teams are trained in test driven development and architecture programming and started working under SCRUM.


Training a mule (in my special case a hinny) helps a scrum master or coach to learn, how to handle a developer team. Compared to horses are these hybrids more intelligent and tougher but a little bit more delicate to handle - sounds like talking about an agile team. Learn how to make them feel comfort and they will do everything for you!


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