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Harvey Ball


Solutions Provider, Sysdia Solutions Ltd

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom


Certified ScrumMaster


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Heart of England Scrum


Harvey Ball

I am passionate about coaching development teams and the world of project delivery in how agile and Scrum can bring success to any project with a level of uncertainty and increase quality and confidence in the final solution.

I have over 15 years experience in the IT industry and delivering multiple scaled solutions to businesses of all sizes, dealing with clients such as Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers, Wilkinsons, Boots, Spar, Jaguar Land Rover, Nestle, Pfizer and many more.

Work experience

i-solutions global ltd, Agile Development Manager
January 2012 - June 2012, Coventry, United Kingdom
Main duties involve implementing the agile and Scrum principles to the development team and reshaping the business processes to adapt a more realistic approach to delivering large scale computer solutions. Working on a core product of SaaS business execution software sold to large organisations like Nestle, Pfizer and Best Buy. I am also the Scrum master to a team of 5 developers with the collaboration of a total development pool of 20 developers. Ensuring the team adhere to the Scrum principles and deliver achievable goals with the highest quality whilst following best practices. Additional roles are to coach and mentor the team in more productive ways of working and play a development role when developing our core product in Java using the Spring framework with Hibernate to persist to a MySql, deployed via Tomcat to deliver the application to our clients via a SaaS environment. The main application is a bespoke javascript client SaaS application with server side aspects utilising data manipulation, workflow and messaging systems all written in house. I have been paramount in introducing key best practices into the development environment such as test/behavioural driven development and a full automation of test suites for the company’s product base utilising Selenium UI testing. I have also played a large part in the continuous integration of the software by improving the use of subversion and team city CI server.

SP Group, IT Development Manager
November 2005 - December 2011, Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Main duties involve managing and running a team of developers and analysts of around 4 to 5 team members to ensure the delivery of internal and client facing projects. The main software project has been an automated artwork generation and client workflow tool to enable clients to manage and adapt their own workflow to creating variable data print orders. Working with large clients such as Boots, Wilkinson and Spar to fully integrate their business systems into a streamlined automated process for generating artwork for in store promotions. The product’s return on investment has been massive, not only in saving the company a substantial amount of money but also vastly reducing the client reaction to market times as they can now manage their own promotional material in real time and online. Other main duties involve the analysis and process creation of many of the key business systems within the supply chain manufacture route the business requires. This involves the design and implementation of business processes utilising and deploying key business software solutions. One major achievement has been in the warehousing and fulfilment departments where major work has been carried out on implementing and utilising a tier 1 WMS solution (Red Prairie DLx Dispatcher) to streamline the order fulfilment and logistics processes, providing substantial company savings to bottom line costs. Another key part of the role is to offer consultancy to large clients such as M&S, Boots, Sainsburys, Asda, Wilkinson, Spar, etc. on best working practices for direct business to business communication and to move away from the old fashioned “Excel Spreadsheet” transfer of data between companies.


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