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Henry Ayres


Chief Architect, Pearson Education Ltd

Location: Oxford



Certified ScrumMaster



Henry Ayres has spent more than the last ten years delivering great web apps to internal and external customers.  Whilst Henry believed liek many he was using Agile to deliver products he did not realise the benifits of real Agile and particular scrum until it was bought into the organization he was working for by Mr Wong.  

Henry took advantage of the agile move that was happening across the wider organization to gain his certification and started to apply it to projects in his domain.   A change in management structure allowed henry to employ a scrum master whilst he had to concentrate on a few other managerial issues and acting as the product owner and it was at this point we were able to prove the usefulness of scrum in the development process going from start up to code freeze on a major product that in the past, frankly we couldnt have delivered in six months.


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