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Gloria Ng


Chief, Startup and SME Practice, National University of Singapre

Location: Singapore



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Gloria heads the SME/Startup Practice at ISS. She reduced the footprint of all of she has contributed to Large Enterprises to those critical and essential for SMEs/Startups. She is a Certified Senior PMCs and a Spring SMART/BE Consultant. She is also a certified lead appraiser of the CMMI/SEI at Carnegie Mellon University. She spent many years advising and consulting companies on Growth, Innovation and Transformation in Singapore – pushing the edge and working with companies to stretch and into new frontiers. She founded the Service Innovation Practice at ISS in 2010 and started the Agile program in the Institute. She headed the Software Quality Engineering program of the Master of Technology at ISS for a number of years. Her clients include government agencies, MNCs, financial service organizations, utilities as well as systems and software companies both large and small. She’s a Certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Professional. Prior to ISS, Gloria worked in R&D, Product Management, Operations Planning, and Software/Systems Engineering at MNCs including AT&T, Bell Labs, IBM, SC Johnson & Sons and Control Data Corporation. She led the implementation of a wide range of technologically innovative programs from conceptualization to realization in support of critical corporate directives that include global market expansion programs and massive scale cost reduction initiatives. Gloria was thrice awarded the distinguished AT&T Labs Software Excellence Award and the prestigious AT&T Business Achievement Award. .

Scrum Roles: Appraiser of Scrum projects for all CMMI appraisal & advisory projects undertaken. Recommendation of change to elevate Capability & Maturity for Product Engineering & Development in organization using SE practices. Increasing number of appraisals covered Scrum/Agile projects; one large brokerage firm reaches organizational transformation to Agility at 75% of projects.  Recently hired 6 adjunct staff including ex Pivotal Labs, Neo Innovation Labs, Philip Eletronics etc.. to promulgate Scrum/Agile practices in Singapore in driving Productivity & Productization in Singapore.

  • Singapore Pools, Singapore
  • Wincor Nixdorf International, Singapore
  • Phillip Securities, Singapore
  • Housing Development Board, Singapore
  • Port Holdings, LianYunGang, Jiangsu, China
  • Jinge Network Technologies, Jiangsu, China
  • Jiangsu Productivity Center, Jiangsu, China
  • Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore, Singapore
  • BCS-Information Systems, Singapore
  • ST Engineering InfoSoftware Systems, Singapore
  • Land Transport Authority, Singapore
  • Zheda Lande SciTech, Zhejiang, China
  • Sinostride Technology Company Ltd, Zhejiang China
  • Thunderbird Software Technologies, Zhejiang, China
  • Power Seraya, Singapore
  • Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Work experience

Institute of Systems Science, Chief, Startups and SMEs
March 2015 - Present, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
NUS-ISS has all the fundamentals to lead this movement where we create an eco-system to help build the tech caliber of Tech Startups. We are poised to amalgamate the disciplines using a 'whole-stack' approach to co-create the next engine of growth in Singapore with technologists for technologists. We stack up your tech for groundbreaking innovation. Scores of innovation previously unimaginable are now possible using tech stacks that are freely available. Designed by technologists for technologists, we provide a learning environment to draw out the tech-in-you - to help you "make" your ideas a reality. Mission We develop stellar tech interns, tech recruits and tech talents to become technologists at startups with aspirations to advance the digital fabric of a smart world. Vision We believe that everyone who is anticipating the future, will seize the opportunities to innovate and guard from being disrupted by technologies. Already many imaginable aspects of our lives are already carried digitally - it is our future and within our direct control to define it. Shared Values We work for our reputation We learn perpetually We always anticipate, but pivot thoughtfully We are proud of what we produce We respect others We lift others, just as others lift us We share freely; we believe knowledge is boundless We believe that trust and collaboration can, collectively, take us further We want others who believe in the same values - to join our community

National University of Singapore, Evangelist
February 2002 - Present, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Gloria founded the Service Innovation Practice at ISS in 2010 and steadily developed the program to reach corporations, individuals and students in Singapore. Prior to that, she headed up the Quality Management program in the Master of Technology for a number of years. She is a certified lead appraiser of the CMMI Institute (previously known as the Software Engineering Institute) at Carnegie Mellon University. She advises, appraises and consults with companies in Singapore and regionally that provide the essential governance leading to successful delivery of projects. Her work in Singapore spans government agencies, MNCs, financial service organizations, utilities as well as systems and software companies. Prior to ISS, Gloria managed programs and practiced systems/software engineering for over 20 years. Her career at US based Bell Labs/AT&T Labs and Control Data Corporation took her through the management and delivery of a wide range of technologically innovative program from conceptualization to realization in support of critical corporate directives. Apart from Telecommunications, she also worked with technology, consumer and industrial goods companies. Initiatives include business process improvement programs, straight-through and decision support systems that provide innovative service models for business transformation, global market expansion and massive cost reduction. Gloria was thrice awarded the distinguished AT&T Labs Software Excellence Award and the prestigious AT&T Business Achievement Award.

AT&T Labs, Bell Labs, AT&T, Technical Manager, District Manager, Member of the Technical Staff
January 1987 - February 2002, Middletown, New Jersey, United States
I worked at the Systems Technology and Operations Centre at Bell Labs, a 2500+ software/systems engineering organization responsible for building Business & Operational Support Systems (BSS/OSS) for AT&T's network. Worked for Dr Peter Ting, a Distinguished Fellow of the Labs, who promulgated Rapid Application Development of projects with high degree of ambiguity, enacting Scrum-like process through 90's. Peter also led the entire organization to full OO transition in 1995. I took responsibility for two very large scale projects - each 10k function points, one using overlap waterfall under Dr. Hsin Kan Guo (MIT), and other using the equivalent of SAFe, Mr. James Chang (UI-CC). My direct report was to Dr Garland Grammar (Cornell, SUNY) (now Head of IBM Global Services 4 pillars, East Coast), Dr Kedrick Brown (Cornell) also IBM Global Services, and Dr. Yee Lee (lab director), Dr. Rick Hankins (center director). My work covered organizational transformation through systems consolidation, new markets for new services supported by new systems, deploying global systems with new telco partners/in-country switching equipment etc.. to service global MNCs. Many of these BSS/OSS were evolved using Rapid Application Development, a Scrum-Like approach, with a self-organized, self-managed team, each made up of brilliant Software & Systems Engineers.

Control Data Corporation, Advisory Systems Engineer
January 1981 - April 1987, Milwaukee, Livingston, Greenwich, WI, NJ, CT, United States
Management Consultant to Fortune 500 companies and State Government. Designed, development and deployed Decision Support Systems to major consumer goods company SC Johnson & Sons, using IBM's proprietary relational database technologies won over by Control Data's Antitrust lawsuit. Developed and engineered many systems using Domain Modeling, CASE techniques, code generators, coding, reporting using SQL-like. A mass exodus from Control Data saw colleagues joining Oracle, Ingress, Informix while I joined AT&T, later Bell Labs & AT&T Labs.


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