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Gokce Mutlu


Value Maximizer

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



My name is Gokce Mutlu. I have graduated from Computer Science, BSc in 2005 and Software Engineering, MSc in 2007. After graduating from bachelor degree, I started working as a software engineer.

While I was moving forward in my career as a software engineer, the companies used Waterfall as a project management technique. I remember how projects were late at least half a year. I met Agile methodologies in 2002 while exploring styles of software development. Some of the practices from XP such as Unit Testing, Pair Programming were already adopted by some of the companies I worked at; however I could finally use Scrum in a company as late as 2010. It felt right immediately because as a team member, I could finally express myself better and as a team we could have a saying on product development. We were self organizing! No one was assigning small tasks to us but only expecting us to do what we promised. My first project with Scrum was a huge success and immediately after completion the whole company transitioned to Scrum.

Since then I'm working in agile projects as PO (and SM). I enjoy when we deliver something to our customer and Scrum makes it easier for us!

Articles I've written

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