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Gabriel Fabián Ledesma Montaldo


Agile Coach, Peregrinus

Location: Montevideo


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Currently I´m an Agile Coach based on Agile values to promote the continuous improvement in the Companies by developing skills in the people working together in order to achieve collective quality enhancement.

I became aware of the magnitude of what Scrum can do when I participated in the Regional Agile Event, "Agile 2008" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After that I started my career in Agile process.

Along this years I have been through all scrum roles, but I have a lot experience specially on the Scrum Master role. 

I am co-founder and co-organizer of the Uruguayan Agile Community. Currently, it is composed of many people and companies. My records show more than 450 members, and over 50 companies, the community site is:, twitter account @AgileUy.



Work experience

WyeWorks, Agile Coach
April 2013 - Present, MONTEVIDEO, MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
I have been working as an Internal Agile Coach in WyeWorks since April, 2013. I manly focus on creating adoption models for implementing Agile processes in either the product management or the software development process. Nevertheless, I also promote the Kaizen culture and work practices in other areas of the company. My goal is to help our clients develop high quality products while maintaining and improving our teams' and clients' work life quality.

Peregrinus, Co-Founder, Coach & Trainer
April 2016 - Present, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay
We are people that truly believes in agile values to help organizations into the continuous improvement. We promote this by developing people skills, working together as a real team in order to achieve collective quality enhancement. We offer customized training programs and coaching in agile methodologies trying to help people and teams to get better results in what they do and being proud by the way they do.

Pronto!, External Agile Coach
March 2012 - September 2013, Montevideo, Montevideo, UY
Pronto! is a financial services company, lend money and credit card. They have more than 40 branch office around all the country. This company hired me as an external coach to begin adopting Scrum in some specific projects. The focus was on mentoring Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Arkano, External Agile Coach
April 2012 - July 2013, Montevideo, Montevideo, UY
Arkano is a company official partner of Microsoft. They offer solutions a several clients around the South America. I worked as an external Agile Coach. During this period I was hired to promote the adoption of Scrum in teams which did not posses much experience on Agile development process.

Moove It, External Agile Coach
November 2012 - April 2013, Montevideo, Select, UY
This is a small software engineering company with several kinds of clients around the world. Your slogan is "We enable innovation, creating meaningful software products". This company had been using Agile-based processes for two years before I was contacted. I worked as an external Coach being my main task to help them improve specific agile practices, especially the estimation and the retrospectives.

WyeWorks, External Agile Coach
October 2011 - April 2013, MONTEVIDEO, MONTEVIDEO, UY
WyeWorks is a small company focused on the software engineering solutions are carefully crafted by a team of development experts. Working exclusively with clients of the United States of America. This is the company I am currently working for. However, I started working here two years ago as an external Coach. My main task was to adopt Scrum in specific projects and to develop the skills of two Scrum Masters.

MEVIR, IT Coordinator
December 2010 - September 2012, Montevideo, Montevideo, UY
This company is a government non-profit, the main goal is to build a house for the families who living in the rural areas. There are more than 1000 employees distributed along of the country. I´ve been working who process coordinator of information technology area. This area have two sections with 12 employees: 1) Infrastructure & Support 2) Software Development We used Agile proceses in both; in the first area based on Kanban process and Scrum in the second one., Agile Consultant
January 2009 - April 2012, MONTEVIDEO, MONTEVIDEO, UY is a small company focused to provide technical based on JEE to other companies. At the same time guide them to develop an efficient software engineering process based on Agile process. I was responsable to execute the Agile consultant activities.

MEVIR, Senior Developer
November 2008 - September 2010, Montevideo, Montevideo, UY
My role was a technical role, specially using Java Enterprise Edition. But at the same time I working using agile development practices.

Abitab, Developer Manager
September 1994 - October 2008, MONTEVIDEO, MONTEVIDEO, UY
Abitab is a wide network of the payment stations (1500) extended for all the country. During the last years in this company my position was Software Development Manager.

Articles I've written

Change Your Daily Scrum Meeting
This article tells the story of our experience implementing a shift in approach during daily Scrum meetings. We went from a typical approach centered on each individual to one centered on each story in the sprint backlog. . . .


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