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Filipe Barra Drago Hoffmeister


Project Coordinator, Capgemini

Location: Porto Alegre, RS/Brazil


Certified ScrumMaster



My name is FIlipe Barra Drago Hoffmeister, I was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil, where i'm  living with my wife.

I've graduated in High School in 2003, and I started the university in 2005. I've had my degree in 2009, in the Information System Course at PUC/RS.

I've post-graduate in Management Project with enphasis in Information Technology at PUC/RS in the year 2014.

I've started my I.T. carreer in 2007, working in a project for bank Sicredi as Java Programmer until year 2008. In the 2008 year, I've started working with Agile Methodologies at Neogrid as team member part. In 2010 I started as Scrum Master, in a team with 6 members working in a International Business project.

In 2011 I've been for CTIS as System Analyst, in a project to university hospitals at Brazil. In the next year, I was a Scrum Master until 2014 when i've been for Capgemini as Scrum Master for the same project, for university hospitals, in a team with 8 members where I'm nowadays.

I'm CSM since 2012 when I've had the course with Alexandre Magno.


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