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Erin Wissmann



Certified ScrumMaster



Erin Wissmann

Ms. Wissmann has over nine years of experience in requirements analysis, software module design, implementation, and unit testing. Ms. Wissmann is currently working on the National Children’s Study as a Systems Analyst. She works with instrument development and database design teams to develop database structures to handle complex data collection. She also manages a software development project to maintain the Master Data Element Specification Application.

While working at the U.S. Census Bureau, she supported the Census Coverage Measurement data quality tools, with primary responsibility for complex reporting modules for two of the Decennial Statistical Studies Division’s Matching, Review, and Coding Systems (MaRCS). She also helped manage the Paper Data Quality (PDQ) Form Viewing System at the Census Bureau. Ms. Wissmann is experienced with database migration, and working with users and managers to resolve software development and database issues.

In her personal life, she enjoys traveling, home crafting projects, and intermural sport clubs, such as kickball and volleyball.


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