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Erwin Warrinnier


IT director, ISConsult

Location: Ooskamp

++32 496 501476


Certified ScrumMaster



Erwin Warrinnier
Master Information Technology and Electronics engineering
I am pleased to introduce myself to your company and to your current or future opportunities:
I am an experienced ICT professional with a broad background in project and process management, software development, electronics, industrial automation and IT management, architecture and strategy. 
I believe that software projects can be successfully managed and delivered if the right people are involved that aim for DELIVERYI am also convinced that a manager should be able to find a balance between soft skills and hard skills. Every project and organisation is different and within a dynamic context the contact with people is the most important aspect of the job. Managing the team, the customer or upper management means you need to have excellent communication skills together with both technical, analytical and social insights.

I hope that my CV in attachment can trigger your interest.
If you need further information do not hesitate to contact me



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