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Erik van den Brom


Senior Consultant, KPMG

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Certified ScrumMaster



After working for a research institute dealing with self-organization, artificial intelligence and social networks I started working for KPMG as a consultant. As I started employment for the Dutch government (through KPMG) as a project manager delivering innovative software solutions for the e-Government I needed a method for developing software leading to quality results quickly. After using a custom development process (RUP/DSDM) for a while and coming to the conclusion that this didn't give the desired results. I started to dig around and armed with my knowledge of self-organization, became aware of Scrum. 

For me the true value of Scrum lies in its self-organization principles, the whole visibility, inspection and adaption cycles, and most of all the fun it brings back to developers' work. I also noticed however that this value is not so clear for people being used more traditional top-down methodologies. The positive news is that people can change to enough extent that once the results of using Scrum start showing, they refuse to work in any other way from thereon end.

My challenge lies in changing organizations from delivering projects that are late, out of budget and not aligned with business demands to delivering projects on time within budget and aligned with business demands, while at the same time make doing so a really enjoyable experience for everyone involved. So far it works using Scrum!



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