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Emily Studd


Scrum Master, Ferguson Enterprises Inc

Location: Newport News, VA


Emily Studd graduated from Christopher Newport University in 1994 with a degree in Government Administration. Within a year I relocated to Northeast Ohio and began job searching. After a couple of office jobs, I landed in IT at Key Bank in an Analyst role in 1996. At Key Bank I did various duties within the same team including second level support, BA work, and helped testing our proprietary application. From there I went into consulting, initially as a QAA going to Progressive Insurance on my first assignment. After three years, I took a full time position with the Cleveland Municipal School District as a Project Manager. My main project focused on an application for School Counselors to monitor, track, and assist students throughout their school career. CMSD allowed for me to get PMP certified honing in my skills. Progressive then recruited me back as a full time Project Manager where I stayed for several years and started my first Scrum team, before returning back home to Virginia. As a Project Manager with a firm who managed other company's rewards programs, we did more of a hybrid methodology. From there I consulted again and worked at Capital One, Markel as a PM before moving further south near family and taking a full time Scrum Master position with GE. GE exercised pure Scrum, with some waterfall administrative overhead and it is here where I got CSM certified, and Green Belt certified. While my team was larger than an average Scrum team, we sprinted for two week intervals and exercised all the Scrum ceremonies throughout. Due to a long commute, my best decision was to come to Ferguson Enterprises as a Scrum Master where I have three teams ranging in technologies from Unidata to Java to .NET. The traditional Scrum ceremonies are exercised by all of our teams, and we continue to look for process improvements as industry standards change. Four years later, I have our largest Scrum team, who has created a proprietary application that affects every line item on every sales order for the entire company.

Work experience

Ferguson Enterprises Inc, Scrum Master
June 2012 - Present, Newport News, VA - Virginia, United States
In my role as a Scrum Master within IT of Ferguson, I have 3 Scrum teams. The teams each focus on separate business initiatives specifically. One team is SharePoint focus whereby we service multiple internal customers with team sites, department sites, and sites that assist with vendor agreements. My other two teams are working towards a larger goal in parallel. We developed a new application which allows us to get the exact agreed upon cost from the vendor on our sales orders. Once a sale to the customer is complete, there is more processing that involves vendor rebates and that is where the third team is focusing their efforts. Together the two teams afford us defensible line items to ensure we are selling and receiving the correct amounts, ultimately affecting the bottom line of the company.

GE, Scrum Master
January 2011 - June 2012, Norfolk, VA, United States
In my Scrum Master role at GE, I managed a team of 12 people who worked on a legacy system for GE Energy. Our team sprinted for 2 weeks at a time, and focused on larger releases for a complex system that helped to provide indicators for a failing turbine. We had a team of database developers, front end developers, testers, BA, automated test engineers.


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