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Edward Scotcher


Director, Agility in Mind

Location: United Kingdom


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile in Belgium

London, UK


Agile Coach & highly experienced Agile Programme and Project Manager (CSM, CSP & CSC) with extensive experience in broadcasting, media, research & development, online education, distance learning, not for profit sector, commercial sector.

I have grown in to Agile Coaching and Agile Programme & Project Management organically, starting my career as a web developer and moving in to editorial work thereafter producing large websites & applications. This allows me to have an excellent understanding of technical project management, BA & consultancy work as well as leadership and team & client management skills - as a result I have an unusually well tuned, effective management relationship with my teams.

In the past I have worked as a PM, SM or Delivery Manager for organisations such as the BBC, Financial Times, EMC, Tesco Digital and Conchango.

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Articles I've written

SM / PO Cheatsheet
This is a simple one page aide memoire that can be used to help explain the responsibilities of the role of Product Owner and Scrum Master. It's great to print off and hand out to people when you are explaining what the roles are and what the diff...


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