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Ebin Poovathany
Senior Agile Transformer at General Electric Healthcare Digital Industrial.


Ebin John Poovathany.

I am an Agile enthusiast who believes that Agile is a way of life. I truly believe in Agile philosophy and i am addicted to the habit of relating different aspects of my life to Agile values and principles.

I am currently working as an Agile Coach in Jda Software.I am passionate about Agile. I believe that no two probelms are same, they may be similliar!

I have taken up my CSM course in May 2009 from Bass Vodde. I am fortunate to work with some of the thought leaders like, Craig Larman, Bass Vodde, Kati Vilkki, Greg Hutchings, Laurent Sarrazin, etc.

I like public speaking and I was a speaker in Agile India 2012,2013 and 2014. I have made lot of presentations in different communities and gatherings.

Companies I have worked with :

0. JDA Software

1. Soceite Generale Global Solution Center

2. Valtech India

3. GE Energy

4. Alcatel Lucent

5. Nokia Siemens Networks

6. Intermediasoftech