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Ebin Poovathany


Senior Agile Transformer, General Electric Healthcare Digital Industrial

Location: Bangalore



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Agile Bangalore



Ebin John Poovathany.

I am an Agile enthusiast who believes that Agile is a way of life. I truly believe in Agile philosophy and i am addicted to the habit of relating different aspects of my life to Agile values and principles.

I am currently working as an Agile Coach in Jda Software.I am passionate about Agile. I believe that no two probelms are same, they may be similliar!

I have taken up my CSM course in May 2009 from Bass Vodde. I am fortunate to work with some of the thought leaders like, Craig Larman, Bass Vodde, Kati Vilkki, Greg Hutchings, Laurent Sarrazin, etc.

I like public speaking and I was a speaker in Agile India 2012,2013 and 2014. I have made lot of presentations in different communities and gatherings.

Companies I have worked with :

0. JDA Software

1. Soceite Generale Global Solution Center

2. Valtech India

3. GE Energy

4. Alcatel Lucent

5. Nokia Siemens Networks

6. Intermediasoftech

Work experience

General Electric Healthcare Digital Industrial, Senior Agile Transformer
June 2016 - Present, Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Part of Agile coaches team @ GE Healthcare. I work with healthcare product development teams ( X-RAY, MR, etc.) to get maximum benefit out of Agile and Lean philosophies. I am working at GE Healthcare with a strong purpose, ie, 'Improving life in the moment that matters'. GE's passion for agility is visible in our believes. I now focus on, 1. Be a catalyst to build strong connect between Leadership and Teams. 2. Enable business to create a compelling vision for their Agile journey. Thus help them to generate a purpose for the 'Transformation'. 3. Experiment with the team to find out the right 'agile model' for the team to get maximum value for the business through agile. 4. Work with distributed teams to get their adoption right. 5. Transformation of globally distributed teams 6. Scaling agility through the value streams

JDA, Sr Agile Coach
December 2014 - June 2016, Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
I am working with a title of Sr.Agile Coach in Jda Software. I am responsible to take Jda to the next level of agility. I take care of Agile needs in Jda India operations. We have two offices in India, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Main responsibility includes, 1. Facilitate to create a global agile roadmap for Jda. 2. Work and co-ordinate with other agile coaches across different locations 3. Strategizing and streamlining product delivery model 4. Lead the exercise to identify a transformation roadmap 5. Defining training modules 6. Facilitate trainings 7. Define self-learning modules 8. Create communities of practices for self-learning 9. Groom internal Agile champions 10. Coach and mentor strategic teams

Societe Generale, Agile Coach
May 2012 - December 2014, Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Worked on end to end transformations. It is a paradigm shift from my regular consulting job. When i was working as an Agile consultant in Valtech, all I have to do is to put some fire and motivate people (specific duration). The real challenge is to sustain the fire and motivation. This is exactly what I have learned in SG. Here I get to do almost everything I suppose! Complete transformation of entire operation in Bangalore. I am really enjoyed. Everyday I get to work with new people, new challenges and awesome results. Highlights: Organizational transformation: 1.Setting up a center of excellence for Agile 2.Strategizing and planning the Leadership and team transformations 3.Creating course and training modules 4.Designing assessments and defining the entry and exit points 5.Defining metrics / health check criteria to measure the progress 6.Recruiting agile coaches internal and contractors 7.Training and consulting for Leadership 8.Coaching, mentoring and facilitating with people in different organizational layers 9.Defining proper guidelines to identify suitable agile framework to be used out of Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban 9.Propagating and re-emphasizing the need for engineering practices such as Continuous delivery, Software Craftsmanship, TDD, ATDD, Specification by Example,BDD, Clean Code, etc. 10.Creating different focused forum's to cross polinate the learnings 11.Defining a mechanism for Global teams transformation 12.Joining the internal trainer forum and owning the training and helping others to create more effective material. Being part of Agile Center Bangalore was a fantastic experience. New learning everyday, I got to contribute to the enterprise level, strategizing, executing and celebrating the change.

Valtech Inda, Agile Coach
November 2011 - May 2012, Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
In Valtech I was part of the Agile Transformation Services group. I was working as an Agile consultant. I could work with lot of great Agilist like Greg, Guy, Nathan, etc. I won different awards from Valtech on agile related competition conducted. While I was in Valtech I worked with companies like GE, Alcatel Lucent to implement and fine tune different agile process.

General Electric Energy, Scrum Master, Agile Coach
February 2012 - May 2012, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN
I worked as a consultant in GE Energy Mumbai. I worked with couple of teams and i was scrum master for one team. The big challenges i faced here are aligning the product backlog across different streams and create a common goal and vision. They have state of the art infrastructure and great tools to support development and delivery.

Nokia Siemens Networks, Team Member, Scrum Master, Area Product Owner
January 2008 - November 2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
I was formally introduced to Agile when I joined Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). I got certified as a Scrum master and also had the privilege of being coached by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde.

Articles I've written

Be Patient, Be Persistent
I read this quote again today: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." . . . This statement has impacted me very deeply.

Agile Is Just a Bend, Not the End!
Most of these organizations/teams later talk about the failure of Agile. I have heard many hypotheses about why this project is special and why Agile thinking won't work for this project. If we go a little deeper and examine the situation, we will see that they didn't transform the mind-set of the people involved.

Quality Through Customer Collaboration
What is quality? Each of us has different definition. Let's focus here on software product development and how quality is related to customer collaboration.

A Story About User Stories
I'm sure you've heard about user stories plenty of times. Hold your breath -- I'm going to tell you what they really are and how they are intended to be used!

What Is the Definition of Done?
Let us take a closer look at software projects and the Definition of Done (DoD). A common understanding within the team is necessary, but is it sufficient?

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