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Eleanor Blatt


Program Mgr, Hadoop, Cloud Engineering Group, Yahoo! Inc

Location: Sunnyvale, CA


Certified ScrumMaster



Eleanor Blatt is a reformed product manager who found Agile as the way to sanely develop great products. From roots in industry marketing and strategy for Xerox during its diversification from the printer business, she has gone on to focus on platforms & serving infrastructure in both early stage technology companies & market leaders.

She practices Scrum for core development efforts but also advises teams wishing to include Kanban for bug and service management tasks. She has served as Master of Scrums and coach for two large scale infrastructure projects at Yahoo, currently leading the Hadoop team in working through Scrum adoption. In all engagements, her primary focus is to ensure that teams have the space & accountability to deliver working code in a transparent, iterative process with full buy-in and support from their stakeholders. In her role as program manager, she finds Scrum the most effective practice to gain predictability of delivery while supporting projects as they find their way to the best technical and customer solutions. In addition, empowered teams show higher productivity and are far more engaged, while management and other stakeholders gain the visibility into progress and tradeoffs critical to make good business decisions.


Work experience

Yahoo! Inc., Program Manager, Hadoop, Cloud Engineering
August 2012 - Present, Sunnyvale, CA, United States
Lead Yahoo! Hadoop project covering 50 developers and multiple product lines while undertaking Scrum (re) adoption. Master of Scrums for 7 teams, coaching scrum masters through developing their facilitation skills while leading release planning. Manage $6.2m capitalized labor for new development.

Yahoo! Inc., Program Manager, Cocktails, Mobile & Presentation Services
April 2011 - August 2012, Sunnyvale, CA, United States
• Led team of 40 developers across 4 scrum teams to build Y!’s new platform to build, test & host multi-screen apps. • Managed $6M annual cap labor project building nodejs app dev platform providing a unified workflow (write-once, test inline, deploy to cloud) to create multi-screen user experiences that are mobile from their inception. • Provided program oversight, coordination, care and feeding. Single point of contact for priority issues & information. • Established review points, metrics, standards & estimation guides. Provided status reporting & issue escalation. • Led velocity-based release planning to estimate & prioritize features, coordinate inter-dependencies & sanity check product roadmap. Provided customers with feature ETA, while ensuring timely bug fixing & support. • Agile coaching in Scrum best practices with scrum masters & dev teams, especially around estimation & scoping. • Led scrum of scums resulting in a stable development rhythm, regular releases & dependency mgmt. • Engaged users to communicate releases, changes, outages. Supported Mojito team’s prep for Open Source. • Other projects: EOL’ed 14 legacy systems to reduce tech-debt. Led IPv6 remediation for legacy Mobile Platform.

Mashery, Director, Product Management
August 2006 - January 2007, San Francisco, CA, United States
• Joined startup created around my idea to create a hosted platform to manage and monetize access to web services for client companies, facilitating use of data by 3rd party developers & providing a “developer-community-in-a-box”. • Led scheduling & led teams of 3-14 to successfully hit aggressive launch targets. Adjusted feature set, functionality & dependencies to deliver basic service in 10 weeks including design, docs & testing. • Scoped & managed schedule for ambitious engineering plan integrating Amazon's EC2 & S3 web services for virtualized processing & storage and deployment of a custom high performance proxy using lighthttpd. • Expert in needs of web services providers, application developers and “mashup” end users. • Oversaw implementation and usability testing of integrated community tools, reporting and user profiles. • Specified functionality for access control system, tracking, key issuance, reporting and billing.

Yahoo! Inc., Program/Community Manager, Yahoo! Developer Network
June 2005 - August 2006, Sunnyvale, CA, United States
• Founding team member working to share Y! services & data with external developers via APIs & web services (REST, SOAP) to enable developers to integrate that data with their own applications. • Championed product groups' efforts to support, extend & secure the services available to developers. • Collaboratively designed system to flexibly track, limit & charge for usage with volunteer eng resources. • Worked with product, bizdev & legal to implement policies and technologies to balance corporate interests (costs, strategy, competition) with needs of developer community (access to more & better). • Focal point for all developers using web services in commercial & high volume applications, leading vetting for innovative value & competitive risk and providing direct customer support to keep them up. • Evangelized internally to create a robust, open & secure platform and externally for developer adoption. • Partnered with engineering to develop infrastructure to monitor usage, uptime & capacity planning. • Engaged with developers, innovators & influencers. Tracked community growth, activity & “killer apps”.

NEC Corporation, US Technology Market Researcher
February 2004 - February 2005, Santa Clara, CA, United States
• Analyzed US technology markets to support new product development, Board-level planning & sales strategy. • Researched varied topics within enterprise (e.g., grid computing, web services/SOA, Open Source licensing) & emerging technology (e.g., search, syndication, rich clients, mobility) for Tokyo headquarters. • Synthesized US technology & business practice trends into guidance for developing products for the home market. • Tapping external resources, systematically documented the players, products, market size and growth projections in the enterprise IT software stack to highlight opportunities, competition and partners. • Selected technologies & companies to watch. Built network of innovators, early adopters & VCs for direct insight.

Protean Strategy, Independent Consultant
March 2003 - February 2004, Menlo Park, CA, United States
• Helped early-stage tech startups define products & select markets – drawing out assumptions, dependencies & conditionals for the technology and market. Structured lightweight business processes for focus & execution.

Nelson Capital Management, Marketing Specialist
January 2002 - March 2003, Palo Alto, CA, United States
• Shifted boutique investment firm's strategy to “wealth management” to grow client base & attract acquisition suitors. Successfully acquired by Wells Fargo in 2002., Marketing Manager
October 2000 - April 2001, Palo Alto, CA, United States
• Recast positioning of application services provider (ASP) Microsoft Exchange services to emphasize productivity & cost benefits. Halved ad spending, shifting target market from IT managers to small-to-mid size business owners. • Managed hyper-competitive shared Web hosting product, charting price erosion across the market. Surveyed customers to find low-cost differentiators, creatively bolstering features to maintain premium pricing. • Led development & launch of dedicated hosting to target high end customers, improving margins & retention.

Xerox, Market Research Mgr/Mktng Analyst, Financial Services Global Solutions
April 1996 - October 2000, Rochester, NY, United States
• Generalized custom financial services document solutions (printers, software & services) into modular product line for replicable sales. Adapted printer development model to include systems integration, partnerships & services. • Led worldwide programs to drive sales including sales support, training, events & intranet portal. • Built powerful visual sales kits to win attention from sales force & product teams. Provided targeted regional prospect lists with data on revenue, penetration and competitive opportunities. • Helped craft corporate reorg proposal that resulted in creation of profitable new business unit.


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