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David Worth


Business Systems Architect, Portland General Electric

Location: Portland, OR USA


Certified ScrumMaster



David Worth works at Portland General Electric as a Business Systems Architect.  Previous to his current role, David has been an IVR/Unix Administrator, Supervisor of Contact Center Technologies, Contact Center Supervisor, and Project Manager for a large Web Redesign and automation project.  He is currently working on Portland General’s Smart Meters project, as Software Development Lifecycle Manager.


David has been working with others to transition Portland General’s current manner of waterfall development to a more lean, agile approach using the Scrum framework.  He has led many projects in his career including the successful implementation of numerous Interactive Voice Response and Automated Call Distribution systems, telephone PBX’s, Web sites and automation software (which utilized components of .net, Websphere, and Oracle technologies).  David specializes in requirements facilitation and overall software development process coordination and oversight.


Dave makes his home in Northeast Portland, OR.  His family includes his wife, Jen and children, Andrew and Brianna.  He has a wild and lovable German Shepherd mix dog named Maybell, a snobby Siamese cat named Samurai, and a big black tomcat named Vinnie.  He enjoys writing songs and playing guitar, piano, bass, and harmonica, as well as camping, hiking, and canoeing all around Oregon and the northwest region of the USA.  He is an avid bicycle commuter.



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