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Douglas Waddell



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Doug Waddell - Central Ohio

I have over 20 years of IT experience with the majority of that time spent in application development and management.  I started with a company that provided full MIS software and services to the health care industry; originally CMHC Systems and then eventually Netsmart Technologies.  It was a monolithic COBOL application that we extended with java application server in the middle serving up browser based navigation.  I worked on both the COBOL back end and utilizing Microsoft technologies to provide more client-side functionality on the PC and within a browser.  I moved into management after a short time in architecture with the same company.  We were exclusively a traditional software development shop until early mid 2000s.  I was (begrudgingly at first) was part of the team that attempted to transform the development of new application utilizing scrum and xp practices.  While we experienced isolated success, we were ultimately unsuccessful as the company was sold to a competitor and all new application development was halted.  

I found my way to Nationwide Insurance at the origination of their centralized Application Development Center and was part of the team that helped grow that area from 6 agile teams in 2009 to over 40 teams in 2015.  I started in a single team and within a few years found myself overseeing the development for multiple agile teams.  My role includes coaching new team members, coaching and teaching reluctant additions and fellow development leaders from other areas in Nationwide.  I am active in the agile community mainly through hosting tours and information sessions at Nationwide for other areas within the company as well as external companies and are curious how we have blended Agile and Lean especially in an insurance and financial services company.

Work experience

Nationwide Insurance, Iteration Manager
October 2009 - Present, Columbus, OH, United States
In the Nationwide Development Center, an Iteration Manager leads standing development teams to deliver high quality working software through adoption of innovative best practices. They works in partnership with project teams to deliver project objectives. To improve quality and increase software delivery velocity, the Iteration Manager collaborates with various stakeholders, user communities and project teams to learn and implement best practices.


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