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Dov Tsal Sela


SM, Agile Coach and Fun Sheriff, Ullink

Location: Paris, France

+33 6 28 34 12 99



A SM, an experienced self-certified Agile-Coach and a professional Fun-Sheriff (with five deputies to the day)


During more than 25 years in the IT terains, my experience always includes:

- Hands-on development in diverse domains (real-time, Mobile,air-survailance, natural-language translation, military, social - to name a few)

- Team and Project coaching (and management - though I currently consider 'management' a four-letter-word)

- User-experience

Passions include (but not limited to):

- Human interaction and direct communication

- Cognitive understanding and tweaking

- Artistic expression


- Leading an art community in Paris (an agile-drawing meetup)

- Occasionl Blogging about Agile, my drawing experience and my meetup experience

- Fooling around with (and without) a guitar.

- Making noise in Agile conferences.

For a more conventional path, please see my linked-in profie. (a lean-principle: eliminate waste...)


Work experience

A lot,
September 1987 - Present, Noisy le Roi, FR
All of it is listed in my Linked-in page.


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