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Daniel Treble


Director, Defiant Development PTY Ltd

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Certified ScrumMaster




Daniel Treble




1998 – 2001 University of Leeds, UK

Computer Science and Mathematics BSc II(i) Hons.

1996 – 1998 St. Margaret’s Sixth Form, Liverpool, UK

Mathematics (A), Physics (B), Chemistry(C), General Studies (B) A-Level, Computing (C) AS-Level

1991 – 1996 St John Almond, Liverpool, UK

10 GCSE’s  4(A), 4(B), 2(C)


  • 12 years of professional programming and game development in C, C++, assembler. Strong problem solving and mathematical background.
  • Proficient with OpenGl, DirectX, OpenGL ES 2.0, HLSL, GLSL, Havok, Wwise, Bink, Unity, C# and Java
  • Good knowledge of algorithms and processes involved in making games.
  • Good communication skills, confident with people and technology.
  • Certified scrum master.

Work History

Mar 2009 – Jun 2010 Krome Studios, Brisbane, Australia
Lead Programmer
  • “Game Room Live” (PC/360) In 8 months I coerced Krome’s engine into a platform/store for retro emulated games. My biggest achievement was managing the wildly changing design requests from the publisher and scaling up the team to deal with them. We delivered on time with a very tight schedule. For the majority of the project it was me and another programmer, but we scaled to >10 to finish it. I was also proud of the fact we managed to create a store within the xbox live marketplace.

Oct 2005 – Feb 2009 Pandemic Studios, Brisbane, Australia Lead Programmer
  • “TNBT” (Wii) Responsible for a team of up to 15 programmers. Introduced scrum to the team and mentored a number of junior programmers. I did the majority of the graphics port to the wii and coordinated the development of the tools and pipeline. We seriously improved our build times using a network cache and added live updating of the majority of the configuration data. I also helped design our car physics model.

Senior Programmer

  • “Mercenaries 2” (PS3/360) Responsible for the water. I helped the team out for a couple of months to create their water. I wrote the shaders on the 360 and the code to support them. Although at the time it was 18 months from shipping, they shipped with my implementation.
  • “Destroy All Humans! 2” (PS2/XBOX) Responsible for the graphics and animations of both sku’s. Implemented multi view port, improved lighting, further optimisation and did most of the ps2 debugging. I also helped improve build and check in processes along with providing detailed performance reports.

Feb 2005 – Apr 2005 Pandemic Studios, Brisbane, Australia
  • “Destroy All Humans!” (PS2/XBOX) Helped out for the last 3 months of the project. I optimised, polished and fixed bugs. I managed to slot into the team with minimum impact and deliver significant improvements in little time.

Oct 2003 – Oct 2004 Electronic Arts, Warrington, UK


  • Unnamed Third Person Arcade Shooter (PS2) Responsible for particle system, culling and occlusion. Helped with effects, renderer and optimisation.
  • “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban” (PS2/ XBOX /NGC) Wrote and integrated a spring mass cloth simulator in 2 weeks. I was later called back for 2 months as an emergency scripter to ensure it shipped on time.
  • Unnamed Racing Title (PS2) Worked on implementing skinned and boned characters including the pipeline and runtime.

Apr 1999 – Oct 2003 Studio 33, Liverpool, UK


  • “Destruction Derby Arenas” (PS2) Solely responsible for the renderer, particle system, maths lib. Wrote an in game editor. Optimised many areas of the game including physics and data structures. Invented our online and disc security.
  • Unnamed Rally Title (PS2) Supporting the DDA code base.
  • “Formula1 2000” (PS1) Updating everything below and adding new effects, pit limiter lights, camera zooms etc…
  • “Formula1 ’99” (PS1) Responsible for in game effects such as weather, motion blur and car damage. Also implemented dynamic lighting for the cars and level of detail.
  • “Newman Haas Racing” (PC) Added environment mapping to the cars and wrote a Windows GUI for a file lumping tool.

During my time here I closely mentored two programmers that have gone on to have successful careers of their own. I also helped with both hardware and software support which included everything from building machines to administering our Linux web and mail server.



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