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Douglas Ross


Location: Boston, MA USA


Certified ScrumMaster




Certified SCRUM Master 2008

Systems Manager, PTC 2008

Independent Filmmaker, Cannes 2007

Agile/SCRUM Practitioner Since 2002

Senior Software Developer, Kronos 2001

Software Developer, MaxSol 1998

Consultant & Instructor, Harvard University 1994


Currently working on a new approach to teaching AgileSCRUM.


Work experience

PTC, Manager
October 2008 - Present, Needham, MA, United States

In addition to my role as a systems manager, I provide Agile/SCRUM coaching and training. I work with both services and r&d organizations providing coaching, mentoring and training.

Kronos, Senior Software Engineer
January 2001 - February 2008, Chelmsford, MA, United States

In my role as a senior software engineer, I was a team lead. I was an early adopter of XP and Agile in 2001 and brought these ideas to my teams. Kronos transitioned from waterfall to scrum in late 2004. This full scale transition was instrumental in improving quality and is where I learned the real challenges of such a culture change on a large multi-national software company.

MaxSol (dot com bust), Senior Software Engineer
January 1999 - February 2001, Concord, MA, United States

In my role as senior software engineer, I was responsible for the project to migrate the core application from VB to Java. At the time I was not aware of Agile/SCRUM. As a start up organization we had little structure and faced all the bad problems associated with lack of good software development processes. At the time we hired a quality assurance expert who failed to implement even basic concepts of rigorous testing. The company struggled to deliver reliable software improvements on any timetable. Basically, I learned all the things not to do in software development.

Harvard University, Consultant and Instructor
September 1994 - January 1999, Cambridge, MA, United States

As a technical trainer I pioneered hands-on courses in database and web application development. I taught the first classes in web development at the Harvard Extension School. In addition, I provided development services to faculty and staff. I worked in a supportive, entrepreneurial environment, which allowed me to excel as a consultant. This experience shaped my thinking about how to deliver valuable, working software.


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